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Role of Academe in Generation
of Statistics for SDGs
• Gaps in Existing Data System in Monitoring SDGs
• Granularity
• Timeliness
• Inadequate indicators for some Goals
• What can be done?
• Indexing to generate additional indicators
• Early warning systems
• Model-based estimation
• Combine data from different sources – data mining algorithms to
generate insights
Data Revolution
• Integrating the data compiled by NSOs with information collected by other
data producers from public and private institutions.
• Modifying some aspects of how these data producers operate their core
• National statistical systems, main challenge is to build their capacity to
engage with big data.
Data Revolution
• Challenge for private actors (already have the technical know-how on analyzing
big data).
• Need to find a balance between protecting its interests and treating data as a
public good while safeguarding its confidentiality.
• Need to adhere to a common statistical framework to ensure the quality and
comparability of the data that they produce.
• Development community increasingly recognizes the advantages of using big
data to enhance the relevance and timeliness of official statistics
• should also make a conscious effort to address issues surrounding data
quality and methodology
• development of skills needed to work with big data, technological
requirements, and legal framework for sharing of big data.
• Development community needs to work closely with various stakeholders
including the private sector, national statistical bureaus and government.
• Characteristics of Data
• Dependence, in fact clustering
• Heterogeneous data sources
• Contributions of the Academe:
• Research on the development of new methods that are then
submitted for peer review to ensure statistical soundness of the
• Capacity Building, more sustainable strategies, e.g., mentoring
rather than formal training sessions, integrating technology transfer
in their regular daily tasks.
Early Warning System
𝑃 𝑦𝑡 = 𝑚𝑡 =
𝑦𝑡 !
𝑚𝑡 = 𝜌1 𝑦𝑡−1 + 1 − 𝜌1 𝑒𝑥𝑝 (𝑋𝑡 `𝛿)
𝑦𝑡 - incidence of diseases
𝑋𝑡 - macro policies, health expenditure, etc.
Prosperity Indicators
𝑦𝑡 = 𝑓1 𝑥𝑡 + 𝑓2 𝑥𝑡−1 + ⋯ + 𝑓𝑝 𝑥𝑡−𝑝+1 + 𝜖𝑡
𝑦𝑡 − proportion of adults with an account at a bank or other financial
Goal 8: Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic
growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all
• Webscrapping (keywords)
Production Data
𝑦𝑡 = 𝑓 𝑥𝑡 1 , … , 𝑥𝑡 𝑘 + 𝑧𝑡 𝛽 + 𝜖𝑡
𝑦𝑡 −yield (QTR)
𝑥𝑡 1 - remotely sensed-data
𝑧𝑡 − weather indicators
𝑦𝑡 ∗ 𝐴𝑡
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