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Started in 2012
Progressive Rock Band
Influences & Inspirations
Jimi Hendrix, Metallica, Pink Floyd,
GnR, Ac/Dc
Iron maiden, Dream Theater
Riitam is a Sanskrit word which
stands for truth and band’s
philosophy says that music can
never lie.
Riitam band is a high energy
six piece rock outfit and have
been together for one year.
Our music is a unique blend
of styles ranging from
progressive rock to
metal psychedelic music. Our
music is easily distinguished
with intensely catchy
melodic & heavy grooves,
smooth vocals, driving rock
bass and drums and the odd
instrumental solo and
Part of success of the band lies on
our mutual respect and
understanding each other's
musicality as every members takes
and active role in music composition
whether it is our own composition
or any covers we do. Our songs
comes out from unique long jam
sessions we do. All members strives
to achieve perfection in their own
Vocals: Pooja Natraj
Lead Guitar: Alfred
Bass Guitar: Gary
Keys and Samples: Nicholson
Drums: Albert
Band Manager and Public Relations: Rakesh Kumar
Age: 24
Physics Graduate from
Stephen’s College, New Delhi
Role in Band: Lead Guitar & Vocals
Gears Used: Ibanez Guitars, VOX distortion
pedals, Morley and Dunloup cry baby wah
Favorite Artist: Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Jimi
Hendrix, Kirk Hammet.
Profile: Playing since the age of 15, he is a
versatile Guitarist with a depth of Knowledge
and sense of world music. He is Grade 8 from,
Trinity College of London.
Age: 25
Qualification: Hotel Marketing Professional
Role in Band: Lead Vocalist
Favorite Artist: Evanescence, Julie London, Katie
Melua, Norah Jones, Sarah Vaughn
Profile: She has got a gifted voice. Pooja
is fit for singing complex melisma and has the
capacity to hold notes for times of time without
wavering in pitch or tone, apparently easily. She is a
master at blending her voice so the breaks between
the registers aren't identifiable, and the impact of this
is that it makes the voice sound just about boundless.
Age: 32
Qualification: MCA from UP technical University
Role in Band: Bass Guitarist/Backing Vocals
Gears Used: Fender and Yamaha Bass, VOX
Favorite Artist: John Myung, Cliff Lee Burton,
Steve Harris
Profile: Chief Technology Officer in a software
company. He is backbone of the band. He started
playing at the age of 18. His strong inclination
towards Groove and Rhythm indulged him to
emerge as a Bass player for the band. He is well
versed in Electric Guitar and Classical Guitar as well.
Age: 24
Qualification: Master Degree in English Literature from
Delhi University
Role in Band: Keys and Sampling/Backing Vocals
Gears Used: Yamaha, Roland
Favorite Artist: Bogdan Ota, Beethovan
Profile: Contemplative and intimate style has
made him one of the most distinguished pianists/keyboard
player. Nicholson has fused classical moods and harmonies
with virtuosic improvisation, helping to expand the emotional
palette of modern music. His inventive runnings distinguish
him from other pianists/keyboard player, and hence making
him essential to the group's sound. He is leaving embraced
Eastern musical ideas, such as pentatonic scales and modal
structures, which elevated the group's performances to a
another levels.
Age: 21
Qualification: Bachelor in Business Management
Role in Band: Drummer/Backing Vocals
Gears Used: Mapex drums and/or Pearl Forum Drum, Zildjian
Cymbals, Vic Firth Sticks, Roland and uses Remo heads exclusively
Favorite Artist: Gavin Harrison, Mike portnoy, Thomas Lang
Profile: Having Grade 8 certificate from Trinity College of
London, Albert outperforms in improving a musical discussion
with band mates. Joined with his vibrant yet inconspicuous,
rhythms and finely made procedure, this stress on collaboration
attracts individual band Members to him. Albert affections to
swing. He plays for the inclination of the music constantly,
Supporting everybody. He never shows off his cleaves unless its
necessary. This attention is reflected in Albert's statement of the
most paramount qualities that a performer can have:"commitment;
relentlessness; hold the self image in line; understand that you're a
vehicle for the music….Albert loves to play
off time signatures.
+91 (987) 303 5615, +91 (987) 336 8477
+91 (114) 102 6055