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When you participate in instrumental music here at THS, I certainly
want you to have a good time. However, we are also here to learn, and there
are things that students sometimes do that can interfere with that, especially
if they persist over time.
These include:
-interrupting the teacher when he is talking
-doodling on your instrument while the teacher is talking
-coming to class without your music and other materials, or leaving them
lying around the band room at times when you should be using them to
practice at home
-treating the musical equipment carelessly; for example, leaving amplifiers
on, not putting accessories away (capos, tuners, &c.), leaving fragile
instruments outside their cases, leaving music and handouts loose on a stand
(or, worse, on the floor)
Infractions such as these, or others that may arise, will result in the loss of
points from your quarterly participation grade. I will keep track of this on a
sheet where I will note the date and the type of infraction. In the case of
behavior infractions (excessive talking and the like), the points will be based
on the number of incidents: for example, the first incident is one point, the
second two pojnts, the third three, and so on. Equipment issues will remain
at one point for each incident. If you argue with me pointlessly about an
infraction at the time of its occurrence, I will double the points. That does
not mean you cannot contest a citation, but it must be done after class, and
you must give me a compelling argument for rescinding the citation.
Some of you like to come to the band room at times before I come in,
to practice or jam. I am very glad you want to do that- but the expectations
concerning treatment of the equipment are still in force then, and no students
who are not in a music class should be brought to the band room.
If I come in and find the amplifiers left on, or equipment not put away
properly, or if I find out that you have brought non-music students down
here, the band room will be closed for the day on the next school day after
the infraction. If a problem persists, I reserve the right to close the room for
longer, or even for the year.
Having said all that, I see no reason why we cannot have a happy and
enjoyable year for all concerned, if everyone tries to be careful and