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Blackman High School Band
Financial Agreement 2017-2018
Due Date
*Families with multiple siblings in band may
May 19, 2017
deduct $25 from each payment for each
June 19, 2017
student. (Each would pay a total of $250.)
July 19, 2017
$50/year for students who use a school instrument; due upon check-out of instrument
Check, money orders and PayPal are the only acceptable forms of payment. No cash is accepted! (This is a
Rutherford County School Board Policy.) Payments may be delivered to the blue box in the band room, paid
online through (Paypal), or mailed to:
Blackman High School Band Boosters
2441-Q Old Fort Parkway, Box 408
Murfreesboro, TN 37128
Titan’s Events – All students/families participate in working at least 1 event.
Calendar Sale - All students sell at least 4 calendars and 1 magnet for a minimum of $30.
MARCH-A-THON - All students participate in the march (tentative: Saturday, Sept. 16 or 23, 2017) and solicit
Dinner/Auction (Spring, 2018) - All students sell tickets to meal and participate in soliciting/providing auction
Students will not be allowed to participate in any band trip unless they are in good standing in the band and
have fulfilled their financial agreement.
Any variations from this agreement must be discussed with the Financial Committee.
We comply with IRS guidelines for nonprofit organizations. Student payments made to the organization are
not tax deductible. Any additional contributions to the organization above and beyond these amounts are tax
deductible. You should consult with your tax advisor to determine your eligibility to deduct such additional
contributions on your federal or state income tax returns. Funds paid in or earned through fundraising
activities are the property of the Blackman High School Band Boosters and may not be withdrawn.
I have read the Financial Understanding document and agree to abide by it.
Student Name
Student Signature
Parent/Guardian Name
Parent Signature