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Chapter 3, Current in
Homogeneous Semiconductors
• Carrier Motion
• Current Flow
– Drift
– Diffusion
• Recombination/Generation
• Continuity Equations
• Use of Continuity Equations
•Notation Reminder
•no, po: equilibrium
•n, p: general carrier
Reference: Pierret, Section 5.2
Electrons removed.
Holes removed.
Electrons added to condution band.
Holes added to valence band.
From nT/NT
Note: R corresponds to generation here!!
Reference: Pierret, Section 5.3.
Excess carriers
Gop is from light shining on the
Normal recombination.
Depend on details of situation.
For normal, low-level injection, p<<ND
For direct bandgap semiconductors, R=βnp for direct band to band recombination.
Minority carrier
diffusion length
for holes.