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Word Within the
Word List 5
Day 1
Stems 1-6
stem 1
• Vita: life
• Examples:
• Vitamin: pill taken to
make your body/life
stem 2
•Demo: people
government by the
stem 3
• Stereo: solid
• Example:
• Stereotype: a solid image
held in common by a group
(black hat/bad guy )
stem 4
• Ism: doctrine
• Example:
• Communism- a doctrine or
govt. policy that states that
property should be shared by
all for the good of the people
stem 5
•Cogn: know
•Recognize: to know
•incognito: not
Stem 7
• Alter: other
• Examples:
• Alternative: another way
or example of
• Alter ego: another side of
Stem 8
• Astr: star
• Examples:
• Astronomy: science of the
planets & stars
• Astrology- study of stars &
influence on persons
• Asterisk: reference mark
resembling a star
stem 9
• Dyna: power
• Example:
•Dynamic: a powerful
•Dynamite- powerful
stem 10
• Chron: time
• Examples:
• Chronological: to put in
order of time it occured
• Synchronize: set to occur
at the same time
stem 11
• Hyper: over
• Examples:
• Hyperactive: overly active
• Hyperbole: an overstatement
(she weighs a ton)
stem 12
• Luna: moon
• Examples:
• Lunar: having to do with the
• Lunatic- crazy, insane (full
moon makes people act
stem 13
• Octa: eight
• Examples:
• Octapus: eight-legged sea
• Octagon: polygon with
eight sides
stem 14
• Gyro: turn
• Examples:
• Gyration: to turn around a
• Gyroscope: wheel that
spins in various directions
stem 15
• Contra: against
• Examples:
• Contradict: to say the
opposite or speak against
• Contrary- to go against
what is normal
stem 16
• Geo: earth
• Example:
• Geography: study of the
• Geometry- earth measure/
the study of lines, curves and
stem 17
• Helio: sun
• Example:
• Heliotrophic: when a plant
turns towards the sun
• Aphelion- point in the orbit of
a planet at which it is farthest
from the sun.
stem 18
• Thermo: heat
• Example:
• Thermostat: device that
• Thermos- container to
keep something
stem 19
•Tetra: four
•Tetrahedron: a
polyhedron with
four faces
Stem 20
• Meter: measure
• Examples:
• Thermometer: instrument
to measure heat
• Odometer: instrument to
measure mileage
stem 21
• Scope: look
• Examples:
• Telescope: instrument for
looking at far away objects
• Microscope: instrument for
looking at small objects
stem 22
•Son: sound
Sonar: uses sound waves
to locate objects
•sonnet: a poem that has
a certain form and sound
(ababcdcdefefgg) 14 lines
stem 23
•Dec: ten
•Decade: ten years
•Decimal: a number using
the base ten
stem 24
• Stell: star
• Examples:
• Constellation: a group of
stars forming a pattern
• Stellar- like a star
stem 25
• Amat: love
• Examples:
• Amateur: a person who is
involved in a sport because
they like/love it, not for