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By Claudia <3
State Facts
• Texas’s motto is “Friendship”
• The state nickname is “Lone Star State”
• Texas was admitted to the union on
December 29, 1845
Texas Facts
• The state abbreviation is T.X.
• Bluebonnet is the state flower,
Mockingbird is the state bird, and
Pecan is the state tree of Texas.
• The capital is Austin
• Agriculture: cattle, cotton, dairy
products, nursery stock, poultry,
sorghum, corn, and wheat.
• Industry: chemical products,
petroleum, and natural gas, food
processing, electric equipment,
machinery, mining, and tourism.
Places toVisit
• The highest point is Guadalupe Peak,
The lowest point is the Gulf Coast.
• The biggest cities are Houston, Dallas,
and San Antonio.
Wacky Laws
• It is illegal to sell someone’s eye.
• It is illegal to not have windshield wipes
on your car.
• It is illegal to take more than 3 sips of
beer at a time while standing.