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The Great Depression
Black Tuesday & the
Great Crash
__________________________ –__________________stock prices (way too
fast)  plummeted to ____________________– ____________ stock prices
business community with big profits
investors tried to sell their stocks before prices fell any
lower too many selling
stock market collapsed!
Dropped $30 billion in 1st week!
The Bank
_____________________because of stock investments banks
people _________________& rushed to withdraw their money
banks don’t keep a lot on hand, they __________________
banks closed
Causes of the Great
_______________________________– production exceeded consumption
& surpluses piled up
global trade problems – world trade _____________________(Europe
recovering from _______________)  not a lot of aid
the __________________________
President Hoover
thought that relief and recovery should come largely through
______________________________rather than federal efforts
created the RFC (_______________________________________) – direct
relief to unemployed; loaned money to railroads and banks
__________________________________to stimulate the economy
did not realize how severe the depression was
Election of 1932
___________(NY governor/D) vs. _________________(U.S. President/R)
FDR won
Roosevelt promised _____________________________________________
A ____________________for the American people with ________________
The New Deal
federal govt. approved and financed ________________that
battled the depression
How did they afford this?
as prices bottomed out, many farmers
without income, they could not repay their house and land
banks _________________________________________________________
If things weren’t bad enough, ________________________________!
____________________________ – dust storms on the Great Plains
families ____________________________ for a new life (to California)
Family Life
divorce rates ____________________, marriage & birth rates
men left their families (some in search of _____________)
children __________________________________ to help make money
food lines (aka soup kitchens/breadlines) – fed the poor