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starts in the
The chewing of the
food and the saliva
help to break
down the food
After food leaves the
mouth peristalsis
(wave-like muscle
contractions) pushes
food down the
At the bottom of the
esophagus there is a
muscular ring that
Entrance closed blocks the entrance
to the Stomach
Entrance open
The stomach
holds and
liquefies food.
The stomach allows for
a large meal to be
eaten in a short time.
Food needs to be
liquefied prior to
leaving the stomach.
acid and enzymes
help liquefy food
Liquefied food is
slowly released
into the small
intestine which is
lined with
microscopic villi
What do you think is the
function of villi?
Villi increase the surface
area to absorb more
The main job of the large
intestine is to absorb the
remaining water from the
food residue as it passes
through the intestine
Appendix - Wormlike structure attached to
the Large Intestine that produces mucous
& antibodies
Appendicitis – When the appendix becomes
sealed shut & inflamed. Then bacteria in
the appendix begin to grow
Food does not
directly pass
through the liver, however
it does help digest food
It produces bile to break down fat,
removes poisons (drugs, alcohol, etc), and
removes glucose & stores it as glycogen.
Weighing in at about 3 ½ lbs the liver is
the largest solid organ in the body.
The pancreas like the
liver assists in digestionGall Bladder
even though food
doesn’t pass through it.
Tube Bile from Liver travels
Small Intestine
The Pancreas has enzymes
which help digest proteins,
carbohydrates, & fats.
It makes insulin which takes
glucose out of the blood &
puts it in cells.
Excretory System – eliminates liquid waste
What system eliminates solid waste?
As blood flows into the kidneys they filter
out the liquid waste in the blood