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Cell Biology and
Biomedical Technology
Causes and development of cancer
Many different agents
Doesn’t happen all at once
Multi-step process
Causes and Development of Cancer
Breakdown of process that regulate the
growth of normal cells and tissues
Uncontrolled division of body cells
Cell division is normally precisely regulated
Cell cycle regulation is accomplished by genes
Causes and Development of Cancer
Cancer-causing agents damage genes
Leads to increase in the division attempts –
cell divides more than it normally would
Cancer results from genetic damage to
cells across time
Causes and Development
Research leads to understanding of normal
New strategies for treatment
Cancer stages
In situ (tumor)
Invasive Cancer (malignant)
Stages of Cancer
Mutation-change in the way cells function
or develop, caused by an inherited genetic
defect or an environmental exposure. May
lead to cancer.
Stages of Cancer Cont:
Hyperplasia- Precancerous condition in
which there is an increase in the number of
normal cells lining an organ
Stages of Cancer Cont:
Dysplasia – Abnormal cells that ARE NOT
cancer (not cancer yet)
Stages of Cancer cont:
In Situ (tumor)- Cancer that has remained
within the tissue in which it originated
Stages of Cancer Cont:
Invasive Cancer (malignant) – Cancer that
has spread beyond the layer of tissue in
which it developed.
Advanced Renal Carcinoma
This is a
kidney with
cancer. The
yellowish balls
are different
Bladder Cancer
cancer. Seen
using a
 See the
of the tumor?
Liver Metastases
person had
somewhere else
in their body and it
metastasized into
their liver.
Notice all of the
yellowish tumors
within the liver.
Metastatic Lung Cancer
person had
lung cancer that
spread to other
organs in their
Notice the balls
of tumor within the
Can you see
where the trachea
Stomach Cancer
This tumor is
still in situ.
What does
that mean?
Colon cancer
inside the
large intestine.
Notice the growth
on the right-hand
side of the screen.
This is seen during
a colonoscopy.
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