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CCN Update – November 2015
Shorter Waits for Cancer Treatment
Health Target - All patients, ready for treatment, wait less than four weeks for radiotherapy or
chemotherapy - region consistently meeting the 100% target
The regional pilot to introduce the eviQ Antineoplastic drug (Chemotherapy) Administration Course for
nursing is progressing well and the programme has gone live. A national training workshop and
stakeholder planning meeting was successfully held in Wellington in Nov.
Leads from the two cancer centres will meet in Nov to discuss the approach to refreshing the Cancer
Centre development plan for 2015/16
Faster Cancer Treatment (FCT) programme
FCT Indicators
DHBs reporting monthly against the indicators including the new 62 day health target - patients receive
their first cancer treatment within 62 days of being referred with a high suspicion of cancer and the
triaging clinician believes the patient needs to be seen within two weeks.
Public reporting by DHB of the new health target commenced Feb 2015 – 85% of patients to be treated
within 62 days by July 2016.
CCN has analysed Qtr 4 data (Jan 2015 - Jun 2015) and provided this to DHBs to support improvements.
At a regional level currently 70% of patients identified under the health target are receiving treatment
within 62 days. Qtr 1 2015/16 data is due to be released soon.
CCN continues to work with DHBs to improve the quality of reporting.
National Tumour Standards
The Ministry have published the High Suspicion of Cancer Definitions developed by the National Tumour
Standard Groups:
Regional Service reviews against the national tumour standards continue:
o Bowel – Implementation plan underway – recent activity relates to the implementation of the
two sub-regional colonoscopy plans and CT Colonography Stocktake recommendations
o Lung – Implementation plan developed and underway – current focus on access to
Endobronchial Ultrasound (EBUS) services at CCDHB and PET -CT.
o Gynaecological – Review underway – draft findings report developed; regional face to face
meeting in Wellington on the 25/11 to develop the implementation plan to address any gaps
o Breast –Review underway - review process and data points agreed; data collection to commence
The next two reviews to commence in 2016 are Upper GI and Head & Neck
Multi-Disciplinary Meeting (MDM) Development
Under the Cancer health Information Strategy the Ministry are seeking to deliver a standardised national
MDM framework. The draft project approach is currently out for sector feedback and this is planned to
be delivered over the next 10mths. Link to Strategy:
CCN is working with the region to identify clinician resourcing requirements to support the MDMs
Capital & Coast | Hawkes Bay | Hutt Valley | MidCentral | Taranaki
Wairarapa | Whanganui
Supportive Care
Sector feedback on the draft He Anga Whakaahuru - Supportive Care Framework (includes the model of
care, standards of care, tools and resources to support the delivery of care and competencies to support
the workforce) was positive. The Framework will be finalised and regional implementation will
commence in November
Recruitment to the newly funded Psychology and Social Work roles under the Regional Psychological
and Social Support Services Plan continues. CCN facilitated a regional forum in Nov to support service
planning for this new resource.
FCT Request for Proposal
 The following Round 2 projects to support DHBs to meet the 62 day target, implement the tumour
standards and address equity, will be delivered during 2015-18:
o CCN - Priority Cancer Pathways Implementation Project
o CCDHB/HVDHB/WaiDHB - Emergency Presentation of Colorectal Cancer - Identifying Factors
Affecting Late Presentation - How Can We Improve Patient Awareness and Health Seeking
Behaviours to Improve Overall Outcomes
o CCDHB/HVDHB/WaiDHB - Development and Implementation of a Pacific Faster Cancer
Treatment Plan
o MDHB - Secondary Services Pathways Development
o TDHB - Defining the Uro-oncology Patient Pathway
o WhaDHB – Individual cancer follow up plans
Equity Programme
CCN has been contracted by the Ministry to provide secretariat services for Hei Āhuru Mōwai (Maori
Cancer Leadership Aotearoa) for the next 3 years.
Working with local cancer networks and local Maori cancer leadership groups to identify and progress
equity initiatives
Partnering with the Cancer Society to plan for the delivery of the Kia ora e te Iwi programme (living with
cancer)across the Central Districts Division
Working with HBDHB to scope two primary care initiatives related to community cancer
nursing/coordination and early identification and management of people at high risk of lung cancer
FCT in Primary Care - CCN partnered with Whanganui Regional Health Network (WRHN) to develop a
strategic approach to the Faster Cancer Treatment Programme across primary care in the central region.
This will be reviewed by the Governance Group in Dec and recommendations progressed
Palliative Care:
The business case to increase the number of 3yr palliative medicine trainees in the region has been
approved in principle by the COOs/GMs in partnership with the Hospices. The first of 3 proposed
additional trainees will commence in Dec rotating across CCDHB, Mary Potter and Te Omanga Hospices
A Ministry review of adult palliative care services has commenced. Work streams include:
o Projected demand for palliative care services
o Quality and standards of care, including service users’ perspectives
o Workforce issues
o Integration of, and equitable access to, services
o Funding and sustainability
Te Ara Whakapiri - Principles and Guidance for the Last Days of Life has been released and the Ministry
will work with the newly formed Palliative Care Advisory Panel to develop implementation activities
 Around 70 clinicians, managers, NGO providers and consumers attended the CCN Regional Cancer
Forum held in August.
Capital & Coast | Hawkes Bay | Hutt Valley | MidCentral | Taranaki
Wairarapa | Whanganui