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About Szabolcs
Szabolcs Oláh is a Hungarian jazz guitarist. He was born in Budapest, Hungary and raised in
Bicske where he studied violin at the local music school. Szabolcs started playing the guitar at
the age of 15 and was taught by Attila Csikos. In 2001 he attended to the Liszt Ferenc Academy
of Music, Budapest where he graduated in 2005 as a jazz-guitar performer and teacher. Not
long after that, he started to play with the best musicians of the Hungarian jazz-scene. His first
band, the ‘Olah Szabolcs Quartet’ was very well received by the critics and he led them from
2002 to 2010. At the age of 18, Szabolcs started composing his own music and since the
Academic years, he was also working on big band arrangements. Beside his own groups, the
music written by him is also performed by several Hungarian bands, with great success, such
as the Budapest Jazz Orchestra, the Modern Art Orchestra, the Szöke Nikoletta Trio, the Dés
András Trio, the Fekete-Kovács Quintet and the Balázs Elemér Group. Most recently, he
founded a new band, the Oláh Szabolcs Quintet, with outstanding young musicians of the
Hungarian jazz-scene. Their first album, the ‘Connection’, has been released autumn of 2013.
Their latest album 'Gleam' appeared on 17th April 2015.
2014: Jazz bigband composer and arranger competition, Budapest - Best composition
2008: Artisjus Prize for interpreting Hungarian contemporary music
2007: Barga Jazz International Jazz Competition, Italy: 1st prize with Oláh Szabolcs Quartet
2006: Ablakos Lakatos Dezsö Jazz Performer Scholarship
2004: Jazz bigband composer and arranger competition, Budapest - 1st prize for arranging
2004: Belvárosi Lipót-Napok Jazz-combo competition, Budapest – 1st prize with Oláh Szabolcs
2015: Oláh Szabolcs Quintet: Gleam - composer, guitar
2013: Oláh Szabolcs Quintet: Connection - composer, guitar
2009: Modern Art Orchestra: Eclectic Path (BMC) – composer, arranger, guitar
2008: András Dés Trio: Unquiet Stillness (X-Produkció) – guitar, composer
2008: Nikoletta Szöke Trio: Golden Earrings (Gramy) – guitar
2008: Kozma Orsi: Hide & Seek (Mton) – guitar
2008: Moór Bernadett: Elkésni szépen kell (CLS) – guitar
2008: Piccolo Inn: The First Spider In A New House (Szendöfi Balázs) – guitar
2006: Modern Art Orchestra : Karácsonyi Napló (SmartMusic) – guitar
2006: Oláh Szabolcs Quartet: Inner Spring – composer, guitar
2005: Budapest Jazz Orchestra: Zsoldos Béla: Üstdobverseny – guitar
2004: Kecskemét Jazz Orchestra: Blue Chip – guitar
2003: Fritz Jazz Band: Still And Sparkling – guitar