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Facility Projects Update June , 2015 Bear Village….. (a) 66 apartments are getting new flooring. Vinyl planks are being used on the 2nd floor and polished concrete is being used on the 1st floor. (b) An above ground safe room is being considered. If approved the building could hold up to 500 persons. Bernard…… Admissions has moved out of the space they occupied at the west end of the 1st floor. The vacated space will be remodeled to suit the needs of Student Accounts. Student Accounts will be moving from their current location in McCastlain and they will occupy space vacated by Admissions and Bear Card. Buffalo Hall….Carpet will be replaced in 14 offices. Campus..... (a) A small new paved parking lot will be constructed on South Boulevard St. The contractor is just now beginning to work due to all of the rainfall we have had in past weeks. (b) Street and parking lot repair will be ongoing through the summer. Various areas will be overlaid with new asphalt and other areas where the asphalt has failed will be patched (c) Drainage ditch project east of HPER…..This work is 95 % complete. A few plants remain to be planted and a final walk through and punch list are all that remain. (d) A new in‐ground vault will be installed around chilled water valves at the north end of Marian Ross Avenue. (e) Various areas of sidewalk will be repaired throughout the summer. Areas of sidewalk that are uneven and broken will be replaced as needed with gray, broom finished concrete. (f) A new restroom and concession area is being constructed at Farris Fields. Footings have been poured and plumbing in the slab is underway. Various changes in the electrical service are required. (g) Student Recreational field….A storage building is being constructed so that Registered Student Organizations can store there things there for easy access when using the field. Utilities have been located and the in ground work is underway in preparation to pour the concrete slab. (h) The fence south of the Presidents house will be moved back to the east and a new sidewalk will be constructed down to Robbins St. Work should begin on this in July. The project was delayed from the original start date due to rain. (i) New concrete culverts are being installed on W.J. Sowder St. which is east of Mashburn. This project begins near the northeast corner of Hughes Hall and extends southward down to the drainage ditch east of HPER. This is phase II of a project that was begun in order to help drainage in the area of Stadium Park Apartments, Bruce St., and Estes Stadium. (j) Sand volleyball courts are being designed and will soon be bid. The courts will be located to the south and west of Physical Plant and adjacent to the nature reserve area. (k) Shade structures will be installed north of the Library around August 1. The shade structures will allow shade for the picnic tables in this area. (l) WW II memorial plaques…..Trees that were planted in honor of those who lost their lives in WW II will have memorial plaques placed at each tree. The small concrete pads for the posts and plaques should be completed by mid July and the plaques themselves should arrive around August 1. (m) Hammocks have been installed in the area courtyard of Farris Hall and additional hammocks will be installed in the Bear Hall courtyard. Two picnic tables were also added at Farris Hall. (n) Houses on campus…..212 Baridon St. will be demolished. 219 Baridon will be demolished. 418 and 426 Donaghey will be demolished. 354 and 362 Donaghey will be evaluated to see if they need to be demolished or if they can be rented. 2012 South Blvd. to be demolished. 218 Donaghey has been demolished and the lot has been cleaned up and a new paved parking lot will be constructed on this lot as soon as possible. (o) Additional way finding signage will be installed soon at 6 new locations on campus that are heavily traveled. (p) Various gravel parking areas will be graded and new gravel added College of Business…. A window was added to the Deans Suite on the first floor of COB to allow better access and visibility to the Deans Suite. College Square….. Two new cooling towers will be installed in the Fall when air conditioning season is over. Donaghey Hall…..The fiber optic and telephone work was completed on June 20. In ground piers are being drilled. Grade beams are being poured. The concrete slab is being roughed in with plumbing and drains . The cut and fill work is in progress for the parking lot portion of the project. Elizabeth St…..The house at 120 Elizabeth St. will have the old exterior wooden deck in back of the house replaced. The new deck will be designed to support more weight and more people due to the fact that the house is often used as a meeting space or retreat location. Estes Stadium….. (a) The west stands or seating areas are having joints in the concrete sealed where leaks are occurring below. As well the metal support beams below the stands are being treated due to rust and will be primed and coated with a rust inhibitive paint. (b) Various interior repairs will begin after July 1. This work is part of an annual inspection of the building and an effort to get the building into a good condition before the Fall Football season begins. Farris Center…… (a) The old swimming pool area project is underway. This project will convert the old pool space into a men and women’s indoor practice area. Demolition work and infill of the pool area is underway. (b) A new small weight room will be added in May, 2016 to the Farris Center south court area just behind the roll out bleachers. Ferguson Chapel…… Various items were noted as deficiencies in the Chapel. Minor repairs of minor cost have been completed. Future monies may be directed at repairing additional deficiencies. Greek Village……Building 5 has been walked and a punch list made and buildings 3 and 4 will be walked this week and a punch list made. There is still much to do but things are taking shape rapidly and the project is on schedule. Various exterior work was delayed due to rain but that work is now underway again. Harding Fountain……Some waterproofing and precast concrete work may be needed in the near future Harrin Hall….. The first floor remodel to create office and classroom space is complete. Furniture has been delivered and occupants have moved in. Work on the 2nd floor is also complete. This project created a variety of offices and classroom space. HPER…. (a) A glass wall is being moved to allow better security to the swimming pool area. This work is near completion and only minor floor and wall paint touch up remain to be done. (b) A project is near completion to monitor all exterior doors to ensure persons enter through the front of the HPER Center. Various cabling and alarms and signs have been installed. Hughes Hall…..The lobby is being painted and water shut off valves are being installed for future maintenance of equipment. Laney – Manion Building……The letters and precast concrete has been ordered. Waiting for materials to arrive. Lewis Science….. Water is getting under the building through several different ways. One issue has been resolved where chilled water piping was brought into the building. Another area needs to have a space between an old building foundation and a new building foundation waterproofed. This will be started in July, 2015.. Old Main ….. Reviewing the scope of work needed to waterproof the east front porch area. Checking to see what the cost may be on this work. McCastlain….. (a) The training room (formerly the Purchasing bid room) has been refreshed with new paint and flooring as well as a fresh air unit has been added to ensure this space gets plenty of fresh air. This work is 80 % complete (b) McCastlain basement remodel for Financial Accounting is complete and personnel have moved into the space (c) The east dining and meeting space work has begun with asbestos abatement work. As well the elevator contractor is starting to work on enlarging the elevator shaft. The elevator should be ordered soon. A second grant was awarded for the art gallery space and both phase I and Phase II are to be completed by May 1, 2016. (d) The suite in McCastlain that Purchasing vacated will be filled by the College of Fine Arts and Communication. The design is near completion and should go to Purchasing for bid the week of June 29. (e) The space within McCastlain that was vacated by the Registrar will be remodeled to suit the needs of International Programs. The current plan is to move International Programs into McCastlain and to turn the house on Farris Road into a welcome center. New Science Building…..The Conway Corporation Center for Sciences is underway. Various in ground preparation work has been done with some delays due to rain of past weeks. In Ground piers will begin soon and asphalt will be removed from the site. Various considerations regarding egress have been discussed with the Conway Fire Marshal on the existing Lewis Science Building. Changes are being made as per that discussion on the interior of the existing Lewis Science building. Nursing Building….. This project is in the planning and discussion stage Physical Plant…… (a) The new storage building south of Physical Plant is complete for all practical purposes. This allows Physical Plant to get out of a leased storage space moving forward. (b) Two new offices are being added due to growth in a space that was previously used for warehouse storage and material issues. This project is 50 % complete. Pike House meeting space…… The exterior is being repaired and repainted and a gravel parking lot will be constructed on the east side of the meeting room. The parking lot will be entered into from Western Ave. Reynolds Auditorium…..Carpet in the 2nd floor lobby area has been replaced and the lighting that accents the steps is now being installed in the entire auditorium both first and second floors. Short / Denney Hall…… These buildings are getting a new roof. The work is approximately 85 % complete. Water shut off valves are being installed for future maintenance needs. Student Center …….The floor will be replaced in the back of the Student Center Food Court. This work will likely be done over the December Holidays. As well some areas of carpet will be replaced in the ballroom and the 2nd floor. Torreyson Apartments….. Flooring is being replaced in 12 apartments Torreyson Library …… (a) The area in 305 and 306 has been remodeled to create more office space. This work is 95 % complete. (b) The archive area on 1st floor has floor tile that are coming up. The floor tile will be removed and replaced with polished concrete. (c) Torreyson West room 315, Testing Center will review possibilities to create additional office space. This is in the planning stage. University Police Building…..The men and women’s officer locker rooms are being remodeled to make better use of the space. As well new lockers will replace the old lockers. The new lockers are somewhat deeper and allow more space per officer. The remodel portion of the project is near completion but the lockers won’t arrive until the 1st or 2nd week of July and the locker installation will be followed by some minor electrical work and touch up paint. Wingo Building….. (a) The exterior was washed and some areas of windows cleaned. Some windows have the seal between the glass that has gone bad and may need to be replaced. (b) The common area within the President’s Office is having the floor covering replaced (c) The Provost Office is considering new flooring and some areas to have new paint