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It's O'right Quarterly
Earth Hour:
Leading the Way
Towards a Sustainable Future
United We Stand:
The Climate Change Revolution
O’right Brand Ambassadors:
Believe in Natural Beauty and
the Green Impact of Hair Salons
Smart Hair Care
Hair Care Essentials: Natural and Mild
A New Travel Experience:
Say Good Morning
to Animals!
Racing Extinction:
A Call to Save the Earth
A Looming Crisis:
The Hidden World of Extinction
Restore the Beauty of
Nature with Love
Nature Needs Our Help
Love, Respect,
and Cherish
Ordinary People, Extraordinary Things:
Learning Love and Life Lessons from Animals
A Unique Animal-Friendly Vacation
Listen! The Animals
Are Whispering
Hair shining
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From the Publisher
Change Climate Change:
Use Your Power to
Make Change a Reality
Steven Ko
CEO of O’right
Earth Hour: Lights off, carbon down,
a glimmer a hope and possible
distributors, and even the companies
and love the earth—this is the slogan
changes not only to mankind but
who helped with promoting the
that rings in our ears every year in
also to all creatures on earth.
March. Since 2011, staff of O’right,
hair salons, and distributors across
the globe come together for the
annual celebration, Earth Hour, to
switch on their social power and
shine a light on climate change.
This year, we continue to use our
power to make change a reality.
Perhaps it is because of the 2015
United Nations Climate Change
Conference, or COP21, which
served as a harsh reminder of the
challenges of climate change our
planet is facing, the need to tackle
The inspiration for our cover story for
this issue came from a documentary
directed by Oscar-winning director
Louie Psihoyos. We used this
opportunity to share to our readers
the challenges all creatures on earth
lights-off movement. Earth Hour aims
to inspire and motivate people to
think of ways and what it means to
protect the planet. As a result, more
and more people are gradually
acknowledging the urgency and
importance of this issue.
are currently facing. In fact, some
On March 19, as I stood in the
people have been aware of this
crowd overlooking the Taoyuan
crisis for a while and have already
International Baseball Stadium,
begun taking action to promote and
savoring the historic moment of
preserve biodiversity. When it comes
over 20,000 people celebrating the
to protecting the earth, we have
switch-off event with us, I felt the
never been alone.
power of change bubbling within
each person. The future of the earth
and shine a light on the today’s most
O’right has celebrated Earth Hour,
pressing climate issues has become
a worldwide movement for the
even more prominent. As we shout
planet organized by the World Wide
That is what motivates us to use our
out the slogan, we are aware that
Fund for Nature (WWF), for 6 years
power and make a difference. As we
is in our hands.
immediate action is required to
in a row. With the theme of Change
went dark for Earth Hour, we were
protect the earth.
Climate Change, Earth Hour urges
also embraced by the warmth of
everyone to conserve energy and
everyone’s support. That was truly an
take individual and collective
unforgettable evening!
In the previous issue of It’s O’right, I
mentioned that COP21 is going to
bring about change in the world
and fight climate change. Although
the conclusion of the summit does
not exceed expectations of several
environmentalists, at least we saw
steps for mitigating the impacts of
climate change. Compared to the
public’s lukewarm response and
indifference to Earth Hour in 2011, the
enthusiasm and support we received
this year from our staff, hairdressers,
It's O'right Quarterly
2016 Q2— Vol. 11
Steven Ko
Jessica Wang
Irene Tien/ Lydia Yu/ Lori Chen/ Suzy Yang/ Julie Kuo/
Amanda Yang/ Krystal Wu/ Crystal Chen
Translated by
Angela Lai
Graphic Design Shu-chun Chang
Ming-chi Huang/ Wen-Hua Liang/ Shu-chun Chang
Published by
Hair O’right International Corporation
[email protected]
Cover Story
Listen! The Animals
Are Whispering
Racing Extinction:
A Call to Save the Earth
A Looming Crisis:
The Hidden World of Extinction
Restore the Beauty of
Nature with Love
Nature Needs Our Help
Love, Respect,
and Cherish
Ordinary People, Extraordinary Things:
Learning Love and Life Lessons from Animals
Modern Salon
14 16
Earth Hour:
Leading the Way
Towards a Sustainable Future
United We Stand:
The Climate Change Revolution
O’right Brand Ambassadors:
Believe in Natural Beauty and
the Green Impact of Hair Salons
Smart Hair Care
Hair Care Essentials: Natural and Mild
Green Lifestyle
A New Travel Experience:
Say Good Morning to Animals!
A Unique Animal-Friendly Vacation
Cover Story
Endangered species light up New York’s Empire State Building to call attention to the plight of
endangered species.
Source: Discover y Channel
Racing Extinction:
A Call to
Save the Earth
A Looming Crisis: The Hidden World of Extinction
In December 2015, Discovery premiered
Louie Psihoyos’ Racing Extinction in more
than 220 countries and territories around the
world to show the world the serious problems
plaguing our beautiful planet. Psihoyos is the
Executive Director of Oceanic Preservation
Society (OPS), the team behind Racing
Extinction and a non-profit organization that
brings environmental awareness and inspires
people to save the oceans through films,
photography, and the media. The director
Oscar-winning director of The
Cove, Louie Psihoyos, assembled
a team artists and activists for the
documentary Racing Extinction,
just to capture the beauty of the natural
world and expose the world to the dark truth
in his documentary films.
intent on exposing issues as a result of
Psihoyos explored the darkest corners of
poaching, balance of nature, global
the world and uncovered many hidden
warming, melting of glaciers, ocean
secrets. In an interview, he gravely said that
acidification, and the secret hidden
there is no better time than now; from today
world of extinction.
Earth has witnessed five mass
extinctions, and they are all tied to
climate changes. Is the earth on the
brink of a sixth mass extinction?
and photographer would fly around the world
onwards, each and every choice we make
in the following years determines the fate
of our earth and all living creatures. Racing
Extinction is a film that will change the way
you view the world, change the environment,
and restore the earth.
Cover Story
The Song of the Last Kauai
O’o Bird
Spring is the season of breeding for
many species during which male
animals compete with each other
and go out of their way to attract
females. The documentary shares a
recording of a male Kauai O’o bird
singing on a branch. He is the last
male of the species singing for a
female who will never come. And
now his voice is gone.
and plants are forced to lose their
homes and face risk of extinction.
What’s worse, in addition to
everything that is going on, wildlife
poaching, shark finning, animal
breeding, among many others, are
all ongoing issues that are really
indeed happening. We only have
one earth. As global citizens, we
cannot wait any longer because
urgent action is needed. The
question is, what exactly should we
do to save the dying earth?
happening somewhere in the
world. Such news can be seen on
the news once in a while, so it’s a
documentary film’s job to tell us that
it is not just occasional occurrences;
Fishing by the rivers, watching beetles
it is in fact worse than we have ever
under the tree, and listening to the
symphony of all sorts of species…
these are all wonderful childhood
Species vanishing one by one is
memories for many people. However,
Protecting Our Homes: Every
Minute Counts
one day, it could all disappear and
The earth has many beautiful
we will no longer hear the symphony
natural landscapes and a diversity
orchestra that is nature. Everywhere
of animals and plants to maintain
there is life, there is song. The planet
its ecological balance. Can you
Fo r mo re i n fo rma t ion on Raci ng
E x t i nct ion, p l ease v i s i t
Discovery Channel official website
http :// w w /
#StartWith1Thing Facebook page
https :// w w
events/4460 0 0612268446 /
Racing Extinction promotion video
is singing everywhere. But what’s
imagine one day all animals
happening is we’re killing the voices.
https :// w w ytw/
becoming endangered or extinct to
In the documentary, a scientist
the extent that we are only left with
09 /? type=2 & theater
narrates, “Each year, about one
pictures or images to identify them?
in a million species should expire
naturally. In the next few decades,
we’ll be driving species to extinction
1000 times faster than it should be. In
a 100 years or so, we could lose up to
50% of all the species on earth”. This is
rude awakening and it is happening
right now.
A Chaotic World
Racing Extinction reveals the
unthinkable but undeniable reality.
What’s more, with global warming
happening all over the world, even
Taiwan is suffering from extreme
weather such as an abnormally
warm winter and snowfall, which is
rarely seen in Taiwan. We are all left
wondering and worrying what more
could climate change bring us in the
Natural environments and animals
have been under increasing threat of
climate change long before humans
became realized the seriousness of
the issue. As climate change wreaks
its havoc around the globe, animals
Cover Story
the Beauty of
Nature with Love
Nature Needs Our Help
1 Shulin River algal reef discoloration
2 White parts are algal reefs
3 Gray parts are coral reefs
4 Algal reef (Photography by Pan Zhong-Zheng)
5 Swimming crab (Source: Pan Zhong-Zheng)
6 Chinese egret (Photography by Liu Jing-Yu)
Louie Psihoyos’ Racing Extinction
features never-seen-before
images and stories that expose
environmental issues around the
world, issues that seem so far away
and irrelevant to us. But the truth is,
if you think carefully, protecting the
earth is actually not that difficult.
Source: Greenpeace
You can start by taking action in
everyday life; or you could even
protect animal habitats to restore
nature’s beauty.
Forests and oceans play an
important role in the world’s
carbon cycle by absorbing carbon
dioxide and producing oxygen.
They are also the homes of a
diverse ecosystem of animals and
plants. However, economic growth
poses a great threat to forests and
marine ecosystems, pushing more
and more species to extinction.
Uncovering Forest Issues
fires to spread out-of-control. Once
algae reefs are valued as precious
In July 2015, fires began raging
fire starts on peat, it is difficult to
ecosystems of Taiwan.
through the forests of Indonesia,
resulting in a smoky haze engulfing
the nation and affecting several
neighboring countries for months.
The man-made fires not only caused
a significant deterioration in air
quality, but also contributed to a
reduction in the biodiversity of
Indonesia’s tropical forests, which
represent some of the most diverse
habitats on the planet. The fire
outbreak also added to existing
deforestation, further imperiling
the orangutan as well as many
endangered species. Humans
sure paid a heavy price for their
Perhaps Indonesia’s forest fire
disaster was too far away to create
an impact on Taiwanese people,
but we can turn our focus to our
island because, right now, Taoyuan’s
Guanyin coastline is in desperate
need of our attention and help to
protect an animal habitat:
algal reefs.
Algal Reefs: Natural Habitats
of Western Taiwan
Did you know that the largest algal
reef in Taiwan is found in Taoyuan
where O’right is located? Home to an
abundant variety of living creatures,
The environmental and public
algae reefs are found along the
health crisis is the devastating
coastline of Guanyin to Xinwu as a
result of the illegal slash-and-
result of calcification and deposition.
burn practices, where land is set
Algal reefs are different to coral reefs
on fire as a way to clear it for new
as they are formed from crustose
planting. The dry season is also a
coralline algae (plants) while
factor fueling the fires. Moreover,
coral reefs are built by colonies of
much of the Indonesia’s rainforests
anthozoans (aminals). With a growth
grows on top of peatland, which
rate of an average of less than 1 cm
is highly flammable and causes
every ten years, it is no wonder that
Guardian of Algal Reefs: Pan
In order to gain a better insight into
algal reefs, we visited the Guan
Xin algal reef sustainable use area
with the help of Director of Taoyuan
Alliance Pan Zhong-Zheng to unveil
the mystery of algal reefs. With
the dream to protect the rivers to
give future generations a clean
environment, Pan has devoted
himself to observing and maintaining
Guan Xin algal reefs. So, having
witnessed the changes in algal
reef ecosystems, Pan recalled with
a heavy heart the once-active
algal reef ecosystem that is now
threatened due to recent economic
development and industrial
wastewater treatment. Estimations
show that there are only 3,000 to
3,500 Chinese egrets, a vulnerable
Class II protected species, left in
the world. Over a decade ago, 300
Chinese egrets passed through
Taiwan. In 2012, only 7 were seen.
7 Dead oysters on algal reefs
8 Wastewater discharged into a river
9 Mangrove swamps
10 Guardian of algal reefs: Pan Zhong-Zheng
Join in on the algal
reef protection activity on May 21, 2016
For more information on Guan
Xin algal reef ecosystem,
please visit the Taoyuan Algal
Reef Facebook page
Occasionally 2 or 3 birds would
appear, but most of the time the
Algal Reef Ecosystems Losing
its Luster
The Guardian’s Aspirations
Guan Xin algal reef is currently the
rare species are nowhere to be
Pan took us to mangrove swamps
largest ecological area and one of
seen because damage to algal
to show us wildlife and fish habitats.
the most protected ecosystems in
reef ecosystems has left them with
As Pan told us the story of this piece
Taiwan. However, Pan Zhong-Zheng
no food to eat. Taoyuan’s Guan Xin
of land, it was as if we were there,
urges environmental organizations to
algal reef is losing its luster.
witnessing the ecological changes
show concern and help restore the
The Joys and Sorrows of
Algal Reefs
Guan Xin algal reef boasts a rich
biodiversity. A few years ago,
Taoyuan Alliance discovered a
new species on the algal reef, the
violet-eyed swimming crab (Carupa
tenuipes). As Pan Zhong-Zheng
brought us into the world of algal
reefs, we were awed by its rich
biodiversity of ecosystems. Who
knew that such a small little corner in
Taiwan could have so many surprises!
Crevices in the reef allow small fishes
to hide from predators. Now, due to
recent damage to algal reefs, their
little homes are no longer safe to
live in and they are forced to leave,
thus resulting in less fish to catch. The
effects of algal reef destruction are
to Guan Xin algal reefs with our own
natural appearance and vitality of
eyes. Once upon a time, Kandelia
other damaged algal reefs as well to
obovate, a mangrove species
give species a safe haven. Let us all
could be seen everywhere by the
protect precious algal reefs across
embankment; now, they are slowly
the island and bring back their luster.
disappearing. Heading towards
the outfall from the wastewater
treatment plant in Guanyin Industrial
Park, we were greeted by an
unpleasant odor coming from the
muddy streams of water. Even we
could not help but express concern
over the situation. To make matters
worse, instead of Shulin River algal
reefs, what came into view was a
United as Guardians of the
Pan engages in algal reef
conservation and encourages
people to help protect algal
reefs. To give future generations
precious resources, we should work
together and restore the vitality and
biodiversity of algal reefs.
beach covered in garbage, algal
reef bleaching caused from pollution,
Small things lead to greatness. As
and dead oysters. We didn’t see if on
long as you are willing to make an
the news or hear it on the radio; we
effort, everyone and anyone can use
watched with our own eyes as the
their power and make a difference.
ecological crisis unfolded before us.
A little bit of love from you can
contribute to making the environment
a better and more beautiful place.
Cover Story
Love, Respect,
and Cherish
What comes to your mind when
you think of the animal meerkat?
Is it Sid from Ice Age? Or Timon
from The Lion King? What you
Ordinary People, Extraordinary Things:
probably don’t know is that
Learning Love and Life Lessons from Animals
completely different animals!
Sid and Timon are in fact two
In Taiwan, Lisa Wen, or “Mommy
Meerkat,” is the first meerkat
photographer in Asia. Meerkats
are highly social, protective
animals that live together in
big groups. Fascinated with the
curious and adorable animal,
Wen captures the meerkats
in her lens and shares her
heartwarming encounters with
them in photos and words.
She may be just an ordinary
human being, but she is doing
something for the environment
that is anything but ordinary.
Lisa Wen was once a successful
career woman. At 24, she
started her own business. She
also served as Samsung’s first
CEO of advertising in Taiwan
for 6 years, which contributed
to the company’s outstanding
performance. As Wen reached
her prime of life, she began
having health problems and
that was when she realized how
empty she felt despite her busy
schedule. In 2011, inspired and
touched by a video she watched
of meerkats, she left for Africa to
get up close and personal with
this species. Wen’s trip to Africa
changed her life and pointed
her in the right direction, down
the path of self-discovery and
animal protection.
For this issue’s cover story, we
visited Lisa Wen to hear her tell
her life story. She brought us
into a new world of love and
life and her story proved how a
little bit of love and effort can
make a big difference to our
Sporting stylish short hair with purple
are, the greater the risk of bovine
did not survive infancy. Meerkats are
and red highlights, it is hard to
tuberculosis, a disease commonly
vanishing, and the land has become
more barren than ever.
imagine that this woman is the same
found in animals, which can be
person behind the heartwarming
potentially fatal to meerkats. And
and inspiring words.
since meerkats live in close groups,
Scattered all over the conference
room are paintings of meerkats done
by Wen. Each and every piece of
painting tells a story of a meerkat
and is filled with her affection for
the animal. Wen recalled her trip to
Africa in 2011 when she saw about
if one is infected with bovine
tuberculosis, the whole family of
meerkats can be wiped out. This
infectious disease has caused a
massive loss of meerkats in the past 2
to 3 years.
Another reason why meerkats are
500-600 meerkats; however, in
facing extinction is the development
2014, only 150 were left. Her stories
of industrial roads. Roads are the
of her favorite animal tell us how
arteries through which the economy
she has been deeply affected by
pulses. So, in order to stimulate
environmental impacts over the years.
economic growth, construction of
new roads is vital. However, while
As Civilization Advances, the
Earth Is Falling
Today’s environmental changes
and damages pose a threat to the
roads bring economic benefits, they
can also come with environmental
costs, threatening the survival of
Change Is the Answer
Lisa Wen has also travelled to many
other places to help find homes for
stray animals, volunteer in lion rescue
projects, and observe polar bears,
among many others.
In 2015, before Wen headed towards
the Arctic, she did some research
and found that only footprints left
by polar bears can be seen now.
Although she eventually captured
images of polar bears, it is evident
that there is something notably
different in their appearance.
She witnessed with her own eyes
the bears’ thin frame, expressing
deep concerns about the impact
of climate change and how it is
survival of meerkats. Before the
Lastly, thanks to global warming,
threatening their survival. Wen
year 2011, extreme weather brought
Africa went from facing heavy
added gravely that humans are
about abundant rainfall to the land
rainfalls to water shortage after
intelligent people with the power to
of Africa, which accelerated grass
2011. The continent even recorded
make a difference; so, we keep on
growth. Cattle feed on the grass to
20 months without rain, causing
investing resources and money in
clear the ground for people to walk
meerkats to face food shortage. They
order to improve our lifestyles, but
on. However, the more cattle there
starved, and many baby meerkats
what we are forgetting is the rest of
Cover Story
in the form of lectures and discussion
the roles certain animals play in our
groups. Laughing, Wen recalled the
lives. For example, humans finding
one time after a session in a senior
comfort in cats and dogs. Animals
high school, a male student stood up
provide companionship, compassion,
on the stage holding a microphone
and love. Humans should learn to
and began apologizing for his past
co-exist with animals and respect
and treasure each and every living
Wen believes that, for a resourceful
creature on earth.
person, as long as he or she is willing
to change and willing to use the
resources wisely, the world we are
living in would be very different. To
this day, Wen continues to devote
herself in promoting character
building and development in youth
while also preparing free materials
about animals in hopes of sharing
her love and passion to more people
around the world.
I Love Meerkat
An Indomitable Fighter
Photography by Lisa Wen
Many obstacles arise along Wen’s
journey of animal conservation. The
the population living on the same
piece of land as us. The only way
we can truly help them and help
ourselves is by putting ourselves in
their shoes.
only thing that keeps her going is the
fact that animals cannot stand up
nor can they speak up for themselves.
As a result, animals develop a strong
survival instinct which is the power
driving me to fight, to speak up, and
Love on Campus
to stand up for animals.
Lisa Wen pointed out numerous
During the interview, we found a
inappropriate animal raising
similarity between Lisa Wen and
behaviors due to lack of professional
animals: they are all indomitable
knowledge. Since 2014, in order
fighters. Just a year ago she was
to enhance the implementation
fighting cancer, now she is full of
of environmental and ecological
energy and passion. Time is life, life
education, Wen began spreading
is time. Wen believes in living every
love on campus by educating
day to the fullest and seizing every
students. She believes that, with
moment and opportunity.
knowledge comes respect.
Wen designed different educational
Regain Hope and Keep Loving
materials for different stages. For
At the end, Wen pointed out that
elementary students, she created
animals came to the earth earlier
educational tools that introduce
than humans; they are the original
animal characteristics to motivate
inhabitants of earth. If the world had
young children to discover their
only one color and one behavior,
own potential and skills. As they
then it would be way too dull and
learn about animals, they are also
boring. It is because our earth is filled
realizing their individual value and
with all sorts of animals that make
worth. Older students, on the other
it such a colorful and rich world.
hand, learn to respect and value
Wen also touched upon the bond
others by giving examples of animals
between man and animals and
Earth Hour:
Leading the Way
Towards a
Sustainable Future
United We Stand:
The Climate Change Revolution
At the 2015 Paris climate summit,
President Laurent Fabius banged
a green gavel to signal the
adoption of the Paris Agreement
and the world cheers in response.
Following Paris climate deal, the
world celebrates Earth Hour in
March to take action on climate
Wha t i s t he Pa r i s Ag reement ?
The Paris Agreement is a global agreement on the
reduction of climate change that was negotiated
at COP21 with the target to hold the increase in
the global average temperature to well below 2° C
above pre-industrial levels.
Earth Hour website
Earth Hour Taiwan 60+
Facebook page
Indigenous singer Suming Rupi performing Don't Give Up
at the Earth Hour event
United We Stand
On March 19, we collaborated with
commitment to add a positive act for
In late March every year, landmarks
Lamigo Monkeys, a baseball team
the planet that goes beyond
around the world go dark at 8:30
in the Chinese Professional Baseball
the hour.
pm for one hour to celebrate WWF’s
League in Taiwan, and went dark
Earth Hour to get everyone to switch
along with over 20,000 people at the
off their lights and work together to
stadium. We’re sure that everyone
create a sustainable, low carbon
who watched the baseball game
future for planet earth.
live on television that day could feel
People all over the world are
demanding action on climate
change. From Australia, Paris, Dubai,
South Korea to Thailand, Earth Hour
the goosebump-inducing moment
and power of the crowd celebrating
the lights-off event with the rest of
the world.
grew to include 7,000 cities in 172
We also invited corporations
countries in 2015 with billions of
including 85° C, Eslite Spectrum,
people participating in the lights-off, Order, KPMG, Taiwan
movement to shine light on global
Association for Superior Service
Brands, China Development
Nationwide Support
de Chine Group, and SGS Taiwan
Financial, 104 Corporation, L’Hotel
In 2016, O’right celebrated Earth Hour
by rallying hundreds of celebrities
such as JJ Lin, Jam Hsiao, and Sonia
Sui as well as over 10,000 hairdressers
from 4,000 hair salons in Taiwan
to show their support and make a
to use their resources and power for
Earth Hour. At the same time, we
are fulfilling our corporate social
responsibility by giving back to the
society and making the promise to
protect planet earth.
green promise. O’right distributors
from different cities around the globe
Going Beyond the Hour
also encouraged local hair salons
The Earth Hour 60+ logo represents
to join the Earth Hour movement.
the 60 minutes of Earth Hour and a
The COP21 Paris Agreement officially
marks the dawn of the low carbon
era. As countries across the globe
submit their Intended Nationally
Determined Contributions (INDCs),
we, as global citizens, can also
reduce carbon emissions in our daily
life and motivate others to be part of
the change by using their power to
create a sustainable future.
/// 2011-2015 Earth Hour in Review
2011 Earth Hour 60 Reduce Carbon
and Love the Earth Press
2012 Earth Hour Countdown Press
2013 Celebrity and salon
2014 Celebrity and salon
endorsements & night run event
in Kaohsiung
2015 Celebrity and salon
endorsements & bicycle
generator event in Taipei
The Eslite Spectrum Xinyi, Dunnan, and
Songyan Stores
Modern Salon
2016 is the year of O’right. So, the
Brand Development Department
asked customer service staff to
recommend a “salon of the year”
and share their thoughts and
ideas on ways to make the world
a better place. This issue of It’s
O’right Quarterly introduces two
hair salons.
O’right Brand
Believe in Natural Beauty and
the Green Impact of Hair Salons
1/ 3 Garage Hair
(From left to right) Taka, Meifeng, Peggy, Ken, and O’right
customer service specialist Edison
(From left to right) Aki and O’right customer service manager
Garage Hair
1F., No. 3, Ln. 147, Fuhua Rd.,
Shilin Dist., Taipei City 111
+886 -2-2831-3066
1F., No. 3, Ln. 213, Guoqing Rd.,
Banqiao Dist., New Taipei City 220
+886 -2-2955 -590 0
/// What is estate grown coffee?
A Green Salon Smelling like
Professionalism and
Sustainable Beauty
grown coffee, organic coffee, and
TAKA is a hair salon owner who
Professionalism naturally attracts
internationally certified or award-winning.
loves scuba diving, coffee, and
customers. Aki has a group of friends
Estate grown coffee farms provide habitat
motorcycles. Because of his love
that has been learning from her
for diving, TAKA has long been
ever since she was still an assistant
aware of the importance of marine
hairdresser. Aki’s customers are
conservation. Because of his love for
loyal to her not just because of
coffee, TAKA’s wife Meifeng fell into
her professionalism, but also of
the world of estate grown coffee,
which is coffee grown on a single
farm. She realized that by giving the
earth love and protection, the earth
gives us rich, aromatic, and unique
coffee in return.
Each and every person of the
GARAGE family does something
environmentally friendly every day.
Estate grown coffees include shade
eco-friendly coffee that are either
for wild animals, birds, and insects and
can also provide secondary income for
farmers. Estate grown coffee must meet
organic standards to ensure high quality.
her concerns for their health due
to her background in chemical
Source: ifreshfood
A hairdresser’s skills and aesthetic
perception make a difference.
Aki hopes that her salon can
motivate young hairdressers to
create a broader horizon, use their
/// Sus ta i nab l e d iv i ng
We all share the same ocean.
Conservation of the ocean and marine
creativity, and discover the true
life has become a top priority in the
essence of hair care. Work hard for
21st century. So, human activities on
of the rivers and because they truly
sustainable beauty and not beauty
the marine environment are expected
believe in creating a sustainable and
at the expense of your health. Aki
wonderful environment for Taiwan.
and her team strongly believe
They have families visiting GARAGE
that sustainable beauty requires
HAIR where parents enjoy Japanese
They use O’right products because
they care about the expectations
to be strictly controlled in the near
future. Therefore, developing diving as a
recreational activity is believed to be a
part of sustainable fishery.
style hair services and children learn
how to brew a cup of coffee from
Meifeng. They are doing what that
Taiwan’s Marine Ecology
Information Learning
love while inspiring countless people
to care about nature.
Modern Salon
Hair Care
Stress in modern life, worsening
strong chemicals as they weaken
pollution, as well as hairstyle trends
hair and scalp.
that require excessive blow-drying,
use of styling products, coloring,
Josh recommends using shampoo
and accessories are all factors
products with lower pH levels and
contributing to hair loss.
The scalp sheds 50-100 strands of
hair on a daily basis. However, if you
Hair Care
and Mild
notice more than just a few strands of
hair falling out, it could be a warning
sign that something is wrong.
O’right product education manager
mild cleanse, non-irritating formulas
to unclog pores, balance scalp’s
natural oils, and prevent discomfort.
After hair is properly cleansed, use
natural hair tonics to provide it with
the nutrients it needs to stimulate hair
growth, reduce hair loss, and protect
hair and scalp. Use natural, safe
Josh says that hair loss is often
hair and scalp care products every
associated with excess scalp oil
day and your scalp will become the
and clogging of pores. He also
perfect environment for growing
urges people to prevent from using
shiny, beautiful, and healthy hair.
cleansing products that contain
Green Lifestyle
A New Travel
Say Good
to Animals!
A Unique Animal-Friendly Vacation
Leofoo Resort is the home to 18 white rhinoceros,
the largest group in Taiwan.
Due to recent increase in environmental
awareness, eco-tourism has become a
worldwide trend. Eco-tourism provides a
nature-based, sustainably managed, and
environmentally educated experience to
change people’s perspectives towards
Africa’s rich wildlife resources make it a major
global leader in eco-tourism with the most
popular destination being South Africa. With
a variety of safari lodges, tourists can enjoy a
taste of Africa and the magical experience
of taking a walk with lions, playing with
Leofoo Tourism Group’s mission is to spread awareness of environmental conservation and wildlife
protection. Love and protect our environment so future generations can learn to do the same.
cheetahs, and having close-up encounters
with other animals.
With African safaris in mind, Hsinchu’s Leofoo
Resort Guanshi is an eco-destination that
offers tourists luxury accommodation and
the chance to sleep, relax, and wake up in
the morning just a small distance from your
very own animal kingdom. At Leofoo Resort,
tourists can now experience an African safari
holiday in Taiwan.
Leofoo Resort boasts African treehouse style
accommodations that allow guests to watch
in awe as animals roam freely beneath you.
An inspirational and educational adventure
to offer not only a unique eco-vacation but
also a learning experience to shine light on
animal extinction and environmental issues.
Guests can learn about animals from their trip
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