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Greek Mythology Unit Study Guide
-Keep in mind that these items are important for the end of the unit test
1. 12 Great Olympians- know who they are Greek and Roman name/ main character traits,
relationship to Zeus, symbols. Use the Edith Hamilton text that we originally read the first
week of school.
-Zeus (Jupiter)
-Poseidon (Neptune)
-Hades (Pluto)
-Hestia (Vesta)
-Hera (Juno)
-Ares (Mars)
-Athena (Minerva)
-Aphrodite (Venus)
-Hermes (Mercury)
-Artemis (Diana)
-Hephasestus (Vulcan)
Myths to Know- Summarize the main story of the myth in a sentence or two for each
2. Love Stories
-**Cupid and Psyche-Pyramus and Thisbe-Orpheus and Eurydice-Ceyx and Alcyone-Pygmalion and Galatea-Baucis and Philemon-Endymion-Daphne-Alpheus and Arethusa3. Four Great Adventures
-Phaethon-Pegasus and Bellerophon-Otus and Ephialtes-Daedalus4.***Jason and the Golden Fleece5. **Perseus6. **Theseus7.Summarize the following stories as well
-Demeter and Persephone-**Labors and Death of Heracles
-Story of Prometheus
-The Story of Narcissus
Unit Notes- Key Concepts- Summarize Key points & Review These Notes Pages Before the Test
8. Greek Culture Notes9.Hero’s Journey- 6 Stages