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Classical Greece
I. Religion
A. Greeks considered religion necessary to
the well being of the state
 B. 12 Greek Gods and Goddesses were
thought to live on Mt. Olympus
II. Greek Drama
A. The Greek dramas were tragedies which
were presented in a trilogy
 1.
The only complete trilogy in existence today
is the Oresteia by Aeschylus
 2. Sophacles’ most famous play was Oedipus
B. Greek comedy was used to criticize both
politicians and intellectuals
III. Philosophy
Philosophy- an organized system of
 A. Pythagoras taught that the essence of
the universe could be found in numbers
and music
 B. The Socratic Method of teaching uses a
question and answer format to lead pupils
to see things for themselves
C. Plato was fascinated by the question of
reality; how do we know what is real?
IV. Architecture
A. The most famous
building from this
period was the
1. The Patron Goddess
of Athens was Athena
2. The Parthenon was
the expression of
Athenian pride in
their city
B. Greek sculptors did
not seek to achieve
realize, but rather a
standard of ideal