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Pengembangan perangkat lunak simulasi komputer sebagai alat bantu dalam analisis
Oleh: Bevina D. Handari
The human body is very complex so some representative assumptions are needed to
represent a drug’s dynamics in the body.
Pharmacokinetics anlysis is needed to acquire information in a drug’s dynamics in the
body. This dynamics consist of absorption, distribution and elimination processes. This
knowledge can improve pharmacists and elimination processes. This knowledge can improve
pharmacist and professionals to optimize drug utilization.
This research usus mammilary model as compartment model, in which a single drug
administration is given via oral and intravenous.
Mathematical modeling in differential equations can be derived from a pharmacokinetics
model. The solutions are pharmacokinetikcs variables and parameters that can be solved using
some mathematical and numerical methods such as Laplace transformation, residual method,
superposition principle, trapezoidal rule and some solving methods in differential equations.
To overcome manual calculation and to visualize a drug’s dynamics in the graph form, a
computer simulation software based on Visual Basic has been built.
The simulation results using the computer simulation sotware showa that any particular
sample data plasma will have a tendessy to be a compatible with an assumption that the body as
one compartment or two compartmens. So the obtained pharmacokinetics variables and
parameters will have individual effects.
Keyword: pharmacokinetics, absorption, distribution, elimination, compartment model, oral,
intravenous, differential equations, numerical methods, computer software.