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Thiomucase Profile
Thiomucase Profile
Substance: Thiomucase
Thiomucase is not a steroid. It is a chemical that was originally used as a dispersing agent. When administered to an
injection site, Thiomucase got the drug into the system faster. This speeds up the effectiveness of the drug.
Bodybuilders have been using the drug for spot reduction of problem fatty areas. It is available in a liquid form, which is
injected in small amounts right into the problem area with a small needle. Also a cream is made that can be applied to
the skin over the area. Some mix the liquid with DMSO and apply it to the fatty area and report better results. Oral
tablets are another form that Thiomucase is available in. These are taken several times a day for about two weeks
before a contest. Most feel that the orals are not effective. Finally there is a suppository form of this medication. They
are inserted twice daily for about a week before a contest. Often all of these methods are used at the same time. Most
bodybuilders who used these items reported some degree of effectiveness. Occasionally the drugs worked remarkably
well, or not at all. Thiomucase has been found to work best in those who are holding extra water in the fat cells due to
estrogen. Thiomucase allows as much as 20% more water to be freed from the fat cell. This can make the fatty area
look much leaner. Several years ago Thiomucase could be obtained very easily on the market, nowadays it is very hard
to find.
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