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Greenspire Linden
(Tilia cordata ‘Greenspire’)
Mature Height: 50’-60’
Mature Spread: 35’-45’
Growth Rate: Moderate
The Greenspire Linden is a
beautiful, large shade tree. Its
uniform, pyramidal shape is
perfect for more formal
settings and the front yard
shade tree. It requires minimal
maintenance and will grow
well in a wide variety of soil
conditions. In summer, it is a
dark, glossy green, with leaves
turning bright yellow in fall. It
is an excellent street tree due
to its tolerance of pollution.
The Greenspire Linden’s tiny,
yellow flowers appear in spring and are very fragrant. It is commonly used as a
street tree due to the uniformity in shape between individual trees. The
branches are flexible and resist damage from wind, snow and ice. Although it is a
slower growing tree, it is worth the wait.
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