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C. L. Barnhouse Co.
announces two new young band series of publications
Oskaloosa, Iowa, May 21 – The C. L. Barnhouse Company has announced the creation of two new
series of band publications designed for first and second year bands, the SOUND FOUNDATIONS and
RISING BAND series. Both series are carefully written to provide quality programming correlated to
the first four semesters of band instruction.
According to Robert W. Smith, C. L. Barnhouse’s Director of Product Development, “The Sound
Foundations Series includes publications available at two grade levels identifiable by color.
The RED Grade .5 Sound Foundations Series is built upon the rhythmic
skills and first six notes introduced in most band methods.
The BLUE Grade 1 Sound Foundations publications are built on a range of one octave with
expanded rhythms and other musical content.
The Rising Band series is also offered at
two grade levels identified by color.
The GREEN Grade 1.5 Rising Band
Series further expands the note, key and
rhythmic content continuing the sequence of
musical developmental.
The MAROON Grade 2 Rising Band Series
completes the two-year sequence with quality works for the band that’s growing in musical proficiency.”
In addition to new works by Smith, both
series include works by long-tenured popular
composers James Swearingen, David
Shaffer, Ed Huckeby, and Larry Neeck. Len
Orcino and Dennis Eveland have also contributed works to the new series,
and Barnhouse is pleased to welcome composers Rob Grice, Patrick
Roszell, and Alan Clark as contributors to the inaugural publications.
“All new Sound Foundations and Rising Band publications are scheduled to be in print by June 15,”
stated Chief Operating Officer Andrew Glover. “Product information, score images, and sampler
recordings will be posted on the “new publications” page at at that time.”
Chief Executive Officer Andy Clark added, “While C.L. Barnhouse Company has always published elementary band music, these new series represent the first time we can offer elementary directors a completely graded performance curriculum for the first two years of band.”