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INS Technician Field (Technician)
Instrument technician Field (Technician) is working during looptesting with 1 colleagues (1e
Technician) in the field and during function/safety testing with 2 of more. The INS
technician Field is performing actual testing as an assistant of the INS Technician ITR (1e
technician). INS Technicians is NOT to perform test activities on his own.
Executing field test activities according to set requirements in the loop folder
Checks if calibration of test equipment is not over due
Makes sure that commissioning sheets are filled in correctly
Handsover commissioning sheets to INS Technician Field (1e Technician) after
finishing tests
Position in organization
INS Technician Field is assisting INS Technician Field (1e Technican) during commission
INS Technican Field has past the pre kwalification test of STAR OGP and has proven
knowledge of the available documents in the loop folder and other relevant
engineering documents and specifications like:
- P&ID
- Instrument Loop Diagram
- Engineering Data Sheet (EPC CONTRACTOR deliverable)
- Manufacturer Data Sheet or Calibration Sheet
- Hook-Up Drawing
- ICAPS Status Index (progress of the Pre-Commissioning activities of the
respective loop, expected to be all 100%)
- Loop Test Record Sheet (ICAPS Test Sheet FJxxx, depending on the type of
instrument, to be filled in and signed of upon completion)
Punch List
- All other required project deliverables which are available in the ITR as red
stamped Master Set such as:
 Instrument Index
 for ease, RAT List only (extract from Instrument Index)
 Cause & Effect Diagrams
 Logic Diagrams
 Control Narratives
 Process Safety Narratives
 Vessel Sketches
 Junction Box Connection Diagrams
 PCS Cabinet Drawings
 IFP (Interface Panel) Cabinet Drawings
 User Manuals sophisticated instruments (MOV, etc.)
Looptesting activities:
- Signal validation
- Range, alarm set point(s) and/or trip set point(s)
- PCS visualisation
- Functionality
In accordance with the latest provided engineering deliverables
Certificates / competences
MBO -2 / NVQ level 2 and a minimum of 5 years work experience as mechanic
in the petrochemical sector
Valid VCA/ SCC.
Good communication and reporting skills
ATEX / Compex
Fluent in English