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New Planets Discovered by Kellan M. 5th Grade Astronauts have discovered eight new Planets in Earth’s galaxy. They say that the planets are too far to reach because they are behind Pluto. They used a Seeking Kepler telescope to identify these planets. The Kepler Telescope was launched in 2009. It has identified over 1000 planets outside our solar system. These 8 are the most like our planet. They are most like Earth because their temperature would allow the possibility of water being present. Water is essential to life on the planets. The planet closest to Earth is about 10% larger than Earth and receives 40% more energy from its star than Earth receives from the sun. It has a temperature of approximately 140 degrees. Another of the planets receives 30% less energy from its star so that would make it potentially colder than Earth. Life could only exist on these planets if they also have an atmosphere to trap heat.