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Cam Newton, the Carolina Panthers star quarterback, is remarkable not only for
his strength and prowess, but for his audacity both on and off the field.
When he is winning, he is charismatic, self-confident, and brazen. His energy
levitates his teammates, igniting even more winning attitudes and actions.
But when he is losing, he becomes sullen and petulant.
As his dream of winning Super Bowl 50 crumbled in the 4th quarter on Sunday, we
saw him scowl and pout, his energy zapped, his confidence sacked, his smile
gone, his dancing halted. He sulked, on the sidelines and in the post-game press
Understandably, he was distraught and irritated. But he allowed that to drain
his charisma instead of fuel his determination.
And in his immaturity, he failed to realize the power of his position. Everyone was
watching him. His behaviors molded theirs. Cam stopped having fun and believing.
And so did his team.
What a great lesson for us as leaders. We need to show more of our Cam Newton
when we're winning and less when we're not.
More brazen, less bratty.
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