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Nassim Haramein to Address One Heart Conference
Physicist, Nassim Haramein who will be the keynote speaker at the
One Heart Annual Conference, June13-14th, may have solved the greatest
mystery of the universe. His published and peer reviewed unified field
theory claims to have solved the unification between Einstein’s field
equations and quantum physics…the Holy Grail of physics. In doing so, he
has discovered an infinitely dense, conscious energy field in the vacuum
underlying, and in a feedback loop, with all of physical reality. In other
words, he claims to have found the scientific explanation of the spiritual
realm although he contends it is all one place! Like vortexes in a lake, he
believes matter is a dynamic of this energy density, not something apart from
His theory, called the Haramein Rauscher Solution, explains the
dynamics of the smallest subatomic particle to the entire visible universe and
beyond. With a shift in our basic understanding of dimensions, and by
pointing out inconsistencies in our fundamental concepts in physics, and the
alterations necessary to correct them, he comes to a whole new paradigm of
physics. Unlike the current understanding, his theory is not based on finding
the smallest particle or building block of matter. Instead, Haramein believes
all matter is three dimensional and thus can be divided to infinity using the
geometry of the six pointed star and ultimately a 64 tetrahedral grid.
According to Haramein space or the vacuum is filled with an infinite
amount of energy and not at all empty as the words imply. In fact, he
demonstrates, by using the known measure of the Planck’s length, that the
entire visible universe could be compacted to fit into one cubic centimeter of
this “vacuum” energy. With all matter going to infinite density which is the
definition of a black hole, he goes on to create a model of how the universe
creates boundary conditions around infinities to create matter. He found by
using geometric fractals that are in perfect equilibrium, boundaries and
infinities are indeed compatible.
According to Haramein’s theory, this means there are two sides to the
universe; the expansive side which we call reality, for which the current
model is an expanding balloon with pennies on it representing galaxies, and
a contacting side going to infinite density or black hole, connected by the
event horizon which is the rim of the black/white hole.
So what does this mean for you and your daily life? If it’s
true….everything! If all matter is infinite, it means you are infinite. In fact
everything, according to this theory is just a different sized black hole
including the sun, planets, and you. Just as with a super nova, when a star
explodes, it is said to have turned into a black hole. Haramein says no, the
black hole was always there and when a sun sheds its boundary condition,
you can see the black hole that was always at the center.
The infinity within the black hole is where all information, past,
present and future exist all at once, much like a hologram, and is in a
constant feedback loop of communication with the expansive side which you
and I see as physical matter. Perhaps when we were told the Kingdom of
God is within, it was this dynamic that was being described.
This is not just some wild unsubstantiated theory. Just recently,
Haramein and his team published the math that proves there is a black hole
at the center of all protons and is in fact the dynamic that causes gravity and
the spin of all things. Unlike current mainstream theories that hypothesize a
host of yet to be discovered particles needed to match their theories, this
theory is complete, solves the non-local behavior of subatomic particles, and
solves the unification problem which quantum physics created in the first
place. With this discovery, he believes we can do away with the theorized
strong and weak forces and claims there are really only two forces in the
universe; electromagnetism which is what we see as the visible universe and
gravity which is the force that takes all matter to infinite density.
In conducting his research that has been a life-long process beginning
with his early childhood, Haramein found what he believes are codes in
many of the symbols imbedded in religions around the world. He found that
symbols like the flower of life, the six pointed star, the I Ching’s 64 grid of
reality, the Kabalistic Tree of Life, and the Yin and Yang sign to name a few
relate specifically to his theory of the dynamics of spacetime .
Our scientists know that we are missing about 96 percent of the matter
needed to explain the expansion rate of the universe that we observe. They
don’t know what it is, as they can’t see or measure it, so they named it “dark
matter” and “dark energy” and believe it is some sort of as yet undiscovered
particle.” That means our current understanding of the universe is based on
just 4 percent of what we know is out there. That’s not a very good model.
In fact it has been this practice utilized by our scientific community to create
fictional particles to explain their observations and to make their math work
that has kept us from a more accurate description of fundamental forces of
With an accurate model of how the universe works, we will open up a
whole new level of technology for mankind, as profound as when we
discovered fire or the wheel. It is the anti-gravity technology that is needed
to travel the stars. With this model of the universe, mankind will have
access to unlimited resources, a fundamental understanding of the nature of
creation and how we as individuals interact with the infinite consciousness
to create our realities.
I met Nassim Haramein 4 years ago having conducted a 15 year self
study of quantum physics. I was intrigued that the observations at the
subatomic level seemed to substantiate many spiritual beliefs. I wanted to
know how it worked. After hearing Haramein’s presentation, I knew I need
not look any further as his model was far more logical, observable in nature,
and appears to be encoded in the world’s religions as the explanation of
For me, his theory answered the big questions of life; why does life
exists, why do I personally exist, is there a consciousness out there larger
than my own? I found this information so profound that I trained with
Haramein to become one of his “Emissaries” who present his theory to the
public. This knowledge has been a real gift for me for it is a rational,
scientific explanation of what I intuited to be real, but that mainstream
culture dismisses as metaphysical or supernatural.
In short, Nassim Haramein’s work changed my life in a most profound
and fundamental way for it provides the scientific explanation of creation.
What could be more fascinating than that?