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Cabbage Rejuvelac
Rejuvelac is a probiotic beverage that can be made from a variety of grains, wheat berries or cabbage.
The recipe below is with cabbage because it is cheap and readily available almost anywhere on Earth.
Cabbage is rich in lacto bacillus and makes a powerful probiotic drink that improves digestion,
nutrient absorption and overall health.
1) Put 1C purified water and 3C chopped cabbage in a blended for 30 seconds.
(use 2.5C finely chopped cabbage if you do not have a blender)
2) Pour mixture into a bowl or jar and cover, leaving a small hole for air to escape
3) Let sit for three days at room temperature
4) Strain out and discard cabbage.
To make the next batch, follow the above directions but add ¼ of the Rejuvelac liquid and the next
batch will be ready the following day. Rejuvelac can be consumed alone (it has a slightly fizzy, sour
taste) or added to juices or smoothies.
Green Smoothies
The secret to a Smoothie is simple: make it the way you like it, and make it so it sustains you.
Something Wet
Clean Water or Coconut Water
Something Juicy
e.g. Watermelon, Mango, pineapple, papaya, apples, grapes, star fruit,
berries (fresh or frozen), melon
We like to use spinach, parsley, bak choy, or often just choose a bunch of
unknown green leafy things at the market/supermarket. Try to use organic
We add many different things, although not all in the same smoothie! Based
on access and taste, try: goji berries (briefly soaked), bee pollen, spirulina,
vitamen C crystals, cacao, maca powder, etc. Some of these have stronger
tastes than others
To thicken: 1) Use a nutmilk or yogurt as the base rather than only water, 2)
add bananas or avocados, 3) add some nut butter. If it is too thick, just add
more water and blend. Using soy lecithin or irish moss acts as an emulsifier
to make super silky smoothies which don’t separate.
Something green
Something Super
It works best if you blend the water and juicier fruit first, before adding thicker items or the greens.
The greens will chop up a lot easier and be easier on your blender motor if there is already lots of
liquid in the blender. If you have a weaker blender, add the greens a handful at a time.
Make sure you blend the whole mixture for 2-3 minutes so you really release the goodness (its like
chewing your food properly). Satori Worldwide
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