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Subba Utshav 2E1 Hilarious and heart-warming
17 Again is a hilarious and heart-warming film. It is a dramedy directed by Burr
In 1989, 17 year-old Mike O'Donnell (Zac Effron) abandons his dreams of becoming
a college basketball star when he learns his girlfriend, Scarlet, is pregnant, 20
years later, Mike's (Matthew Perry) life turns out to be miserable as he still regrets
abandoning college and his dreams. He and Scarlet (Leslie Mann) are divorcing
and his son and daughter (Sterling Knight and Michelle Trachtenberg respectively)
are both in high school. One day, while visiting his high school, a mysterious
janitor transforms Mike into his 17-year old self. Mike decides to go to college
as his friend, Ned Gold's (Thomas Lennon) son. After re-joining college, Mike
soon realize that he should help his children to go through high school.
Zac Effron is brilliant as young Mike O'Donnel. His acting has improved a lot
compared to High School Musical. Leslie Mann and Sterling Knight give a good
performance too. Thomas Lennon is very funny as Ned Gold.
Matthew Perry as old Mike O'Donnell is top-notch, Michelle Trachtenberg as
Maggie is not good enough and needs to improve a lot. The direction is very
good. Effron and Lennon should work together more often.
If you are a fan of Zac Effron, this film is a must-see. Go buy your tickets right
3.5/5 STARS
What if you had a chance to be
17 Again??