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Data Mining Technology
GoldDigger Data Mining Technology Delivers More New Business
Opportunities to Your Dealership - Turning Data Into Dollars!
Dealers who want to turn their current customers into loyal, repeat business utilize GoldDigger data mining
technology to target in-market opportunities with smart, customer-centric campaigns that generate the highest
return on your marketing investment. Armed with DMS data, OEM incentives, book values and other third-party
data, GoldDigger leverages a multi-channel direct marketing program that produces the industry's highest
response rate from ready-to-buy opportunities, including positive equity, end of term or lease, lower payment,
delivery and defector.
ELEAD Contact Center blends seamlessly with GoldDigger to provide unparalleled increases in appointment
generation, sales opportunities, customer retention and profitability.
Improve Customer Value, Retention and Profitability with the
Industry's Most Acclaimed Data Mining Solution!
• Improve Customer Experience, Retention and Loyalty
• Responds Quickly to OEM Programs
• Accelerate Customer Buying Cycle
• Acquire Highly Desired Pre-owned Vehicles at a Much
Lower Cost than Auction
• Increase Market Share and CSI
• Detailed, Comprehensive ROI Reporting
• Highly Skilled Appointment Specialists Drive Leads
Right to Your Sales and Service Departments
Accelerates Customer Buying Cycle
and Increases Market Share
Contact Center Targets
Customers with Buying Power
Identify Ready to
Buy Customers
Perfect Prospect
Data Mining Technology
Individualized, intelligent service-marketing campaigns are essential to retaining customers and leveraging
the highest customer value for dealerships. Mine the service drive for sales opportunities with vehicle exchange
alerts on equity and lease opportunities real time from the DMS. Perfect Prospect takes service marketing to the
next level and offers a competitive edge by identifying current and conquest opportunities that have the highest
statistical probability of purchasing or servicing with your dealership.
Targeted Marketing Control
• Provides Vehicle Exchange Alerts on Equity, Lease and
Warranty Opportunities From the Service Lane
• Customizable Triggers on All Alerts
• Blends Seamlessly with Contact Centerand
Direct Mail to Generate a 4 Percent Sold Rate
• Dealers Acquire Highly Desired Pre-owned Vehicles at a
Much Lower Cost than at Auction
• Comprehensive Reporting Measures the ROI
of Every Targeted Campaign
Mine the Service Lane
• Open RO Service Dashboard with Equity,
End of Term and Warranty Expiration Alerts
• Pre-appointment Confirmation Call by the
Nation’s #1 Automotive-only Contact Center
• In-dealership Vehicle Exchange Process Training
Available On-Demand
• Custom, Brand-specific Point-of-sale Material
Available, Including Retractable Banners,
RO Jackets and Hang Tags