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Tools: Data Mining
 Why is it important ?
Fourth paradigm of science
 Data intensive scientific discovery
 Why is Data Mining needed?
Growth_rate(Data) >> Growth_rate(# Human Analysts)
 To amplify human capability to analyze large datasets
 Possibly automate repeating tasks
 What is Data Mining (DM)?
Identify interesting, useful, non-trivial patterns
 Ex. Anomalies, associations, trends, hotspots…
 What are new challenges in this project?
Auto-correlation (violates sample independence assumption)
 Non-stationarity
 What new capabilities are offered?
Spatial DM, e.g. tele-connections, co-location, …
 Spatio-temporal DM, e.g. predict hotspots and impacts
 In context, e.g. land-cover, agriculture, climate, …