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CIS 430
Data Mining and Knowledge
Dr. Iren Valova
What’s it all about???
What is Data Mining?
extracting relevant information from large
sets of data
 a predictive and proactive approach to data
 necessary for understanding the
information that is actually in large sets of
Data Mining is not:
data warehousing
 data visualization
 software agents
 SQL queries / reporting
 on-line analytical processing (OLAP)
In Plain English Now...
All that aside, Data Mining, or Knowledge
Discovery in Databases, is really extracting
some useful knowledge out of a large store
of data for the purpose of making more
informed decisions or even for prediction.
Lots of useless Data can be turned into useful knowledge, which makes cats happy.
In Plain English Now...
This is achieved by finding the driving
forces behind the data.
 Given a set of rules and associations, the
data can be used to make inferences about
the causes behind the data with a variable
level of certainty.
Some Uses for Data Mining...
Turnover Management
Claims Processing
Credit Risk Analysis
Electronic Commerce
Food-Service Menu analysis
Fraud Detection
Government Policy Setting
Hiring Profiles
Medical Management
Pharmaceutical Research
Process Control
Quality Control
Student Recruiting
Web Caching
Warranty Analysis
Anything you choose to use it for