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Anton Pavlov
Montréal, Québec, Canada, H2V 4B9
(514) 581 ­ 2170 ​
[email protected]
To work in research and development of complex information embedded systems in a top­leading technology company providing world­class products. S​
and E​
Main programming language: C. Experience with following programming languages: Matlab, Perl and bash. Development tools:​
IAR Workbench, GCC toolchain, Code Composer Studio, Kinetis Design Studio IDE, Mbed compiler, GDB and JTAG Debug Probes, Eclipse and Git. Operating systems:​
Linux (including RT), Windows, OS X. Platforms: ­ 8­bit Microcontrollers: 8051. ­ 16­bit Microcontrollers: MSP430. ­ 32­bit Processors: ​
, Cortex­M4, Cortex­M3. Hands­on experience in implementation of telecommunications protocols: CAN and Zigbee. Experience with Software Requirement Specification development and modelling using UML. Experience with laboratory measurement equipment. Personal skills: Disciplined, self­motivated and cooperative team player. P​
Research Assistant (2013 ­ 2014)
McGill University, Montréal, Canada. At the Computer Networks Laboratory ­ prototyping and development of critical object­tracking software with hard processing deadlines and large volume of complex, multidimensional input data. Responsibilities also include the following:
­ Data analysis from sensors deployed in a real environment.
­ Mathematical modeling of object motion, environment non­linearity and sensors’ behavior.
­ Target parameters estimation by distributed tracking algorithm in a sensor network.
­ Prototyping in Matlab and real­time application development in RT­Preempt Linux using C.
Systems Engineer (2009 ­ 2012)
Alcântara Cyclone Space Binational Company, Brasília, Brazil. At the company focused on space launch services; responsibilities included organization of the ground network of telemetry stations for reception of telemetry data from a medium – weight space launch vehicle. Responsibilities also included the following:
­ Predictive modeling of a launcher's trajectory.
­ Data acquisition and on­site processing.
­ Coordination between ground stations and Mission Control Facility.
Consultant (2008 ­ 2009)
Accenture Technology Consulting, São Paulo, Brazil.
As part of the Accenture Technology Consulting team, involvement in system integration and performance engineering as well as consulting in large legacy re­hosting from Mainframe to Linux server. Responsibilities also included the following:
­ Information system integration between online, batch and relational database management system.
­ System performance maintenance.
­ Led a team with five persons; responsible for batch processing portability in critical,
live­use environment.
Application Engineer (2007­2008)
WEG Electrical Equipment S.A., Jaraguá do Sul, Brazil.
Experience with international sales of Brazilian industrial electrical equipment in Russia and Ukraine. Information Security Analyst (2005­2007)
Security Office of Unibanco S.A., São Paulo, Brazil.
At this large Brazilian Bank with over 18 million clients, responsible for development of the prototype of a fraud prevention system in credit ­ card transactions and statistical data processing. Responsibilities were the following:
­ Decision making based on data from third party sources.
­ Decision tree development for the evaluation of the new credit card applications.
­ Development of Neural Network for credit­card transaction evaluation.
­ Data Mining operations for Point­of­Compromise determination on confirmed fraud operations.
In progress ­ Diplôme d'études supérieures spécialisées​
• ​
Université du Québec à Montréal Specialization: Embedded systems. 2004 ­ Master of Science in Telecommunications • Air Force Institute of Technology ​
• ​
Brazil Specialization: Statistical data/signal processing, predictive modeling. 2001 ­ Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering​
• Kharkiv Military University • Ukraine Specialization: Electromagnetic / Microwave electrical engineering.
● Information Technology Architecture School, ​
São Paulo ­ SP, Brazil 2009
● PMP Exam preparation, ​
Dinsmore Associates,​
São Paulo ­ SP, Brazil 2008
KILLS English, French, Russian and Portuguese