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Toothache Remedies
Easy Step-by-Step Home
Toothache Remedies That Will
Allow You To Enjoy Life
By: Carl F. Craig, Jr.
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Home Toothache Remedies
For Instant Relief
“The One Toothache Cure” That
Will “Completely Get Rid of Your
Toothache Forever”
Dental Health Fun Facts
Dental Health Statistics
I remember when my grandmother was searching for
toothache remedies.
She had a severe toothache because of the fact that she had a
damaged tooth filling.
When the pain first occurred, it was unfortunate because she
did not have health insurance at that time, and she did not
know how to use a computer to find any toothache remedies
She continued to ask around her neighborhood for advice, but
no one had an answer.
Therefore, I pitched in to help out.
After telling her about the remedies that I used in the past, she one day
took out some of her kitchen ingredients and she put one of my
recommended remedies together.
Later on that day, she called me and said that her unbearable toothache had
decrease dramatically.
I felt proud for her, and it was good to see her achieve her goal of natural
pain relief after searching for weeks.
And those exact same toothache remedies I would
like to share with you today.
The following is a group of natural toothache remedies
that have helped many, many people in the world as it
relates to getting relief from the unbelievable pain
known as toothache.
These remedies are very easy to implement, and they are very
cost effective.
The home remedies are as follows:
One of my favorites. Cut a piece of lime. Make sure the
lime is at room temperature. Apply it to the affected
tooth/sore gums area. Biting down on the lime will release
lime juice onto the affected area, and this will also help out
in relieving the pain.
Take an onion and cut a single slice. Put it
on the affected area and let it rest there until
the pain is relieved. The reason onion slices
work is because onions contain antibacterial
elements that help relieve pain by fighting
germs associated with toothaches.
One of the most common ways to relieve
physical pain. Take an icepack or just simply
take a zip lock bag and put ice in it. Then,
hold it firmly towards the affected area. Pain
should be reduced for a considerable amount
of time.
You can buy almond extract at your local
grocery store. Take a cotton swab, and dip it
in the almond extract. Apply gently to the
affected area.
Bay Berry
Get some bay berry extract and mix it with some vinegar
to make a bay berry/vinegar paste. Then, apply it to the
affected area. Pain should be reduced in good time.
Ground Cloves
Using ground cloves is a great way to relieve tooth
pain. This is how it works. Get a few ground cloves.
Then, you are going to need either water or olive oil
to make a paste. Either one will do. For these
instructions, let’s say that you choose. Mix the
ground cloves and water together. After mixing,
apply the mixture to the affected tooth and gums
area. There’s also an alternative as it relates to
using clove oil; however, I recommend sticking with
the ground clove paste simply because even
though clove oil can be effective, using too much
clove oil can cause damage to your physical well
Cayenne Pepper and water paste
Take a generous amount of cayenne pepper and
mix it with water. Then, take a cotton swab and
dip it into the paste. Apply the swab to the
affected area gently until the pain is relieved.
Wheatgrass juice
Believe it or not, wheat grass juice can
greatly improve your toothache. Just simply
take some wheatgrass juice and gargle like
normal mouthwash, but don’t swallow!
Another option is to chew the wheatgrass
directly. Chewing wheatgrass directly should
have the same effect as gargling the juice.
The pain should decrease in a couple of
Asafetida and Lemon Juice Paste
This one may not be known by many, but this
works just as good as the others. Mix
asafetida with lemon juice. This should
create a paste. Then you would want the
paste to be at a warm temperature.
Therefore, heating it up in the microwave will
do. Try 10-15 seconds at first, and if not
warm by then, add a little more time. But
don’t make it too hot! Put the paste on a
cotton swab, and apply it to the affected area
until the pain is reduced.
Buy a potato from your local grocery store.
Cut the skin off the potato. Then, chop the
potato into slices. Take one slice and hold it
over the affected tooth for several minutes.
This should decrease the pain.
Drinking Alcohol
Even though I’m not a drinker, it’s been proven
that alcohol can relieve you of toothache pain.
Take a “shot” of your favorite alcoholic drink (i.e.
whiskey, brandy, beer, etc). Hold it in your mouth,
making sure it’s around the tooth area. This
remedy should numb the pain.
Not only this is one of the most popular
cooking ingredients, but this is also a great
home remedy for toothache pain! Just take a
cotton ball. Then, put a generous amount of
real vanilla extract on it. Apply it to the affected
area of the mouth/tooth area. The normal result is
the affected area will become numb for a period
time, relieving your horrible tooth pain.
Peppermint Extract
Peppermint has always been a great remedy for
tooth pain. Just take a cotton swab, and put a
generous amount of peppermint extract on it.
Then, gently swab the affected area until the
pain has decreased.
Ginger roots
Take a piece of ginger and SLOWLY bite
down on it with the affected tooth a few
Garlic does not only taste good in food, but it
also helps relieve toothaches.
What you need to do is buy a clove of garlic
break it down into pieces.
Add salt to the garlic, and apply it to the
affected area. Gently massage the affected
tooth until the pain has been reduced.
Apple Cider Vinegar
This is the remedy that my grandmother
used. This is very similar to the almond
extract method. Just put some apple cider
vinegar on the cotton swab, and apply it to
the affected area. The pain should be
reduced considerably.
Toothaches occur due to several reasons.
Common causes of toothaches are dental abscess, damaged tooth filling,
tooth cavities, or cracked teeth.
Whenever a tooth aches, it requires immediate attention, and sometimes
going to the dentist does not fit the bill simply because a dentist
appointment can sometimes take forever to get scheduled.
That’s why toothache home remedies have become more popular.
But even though these remedies can “relieve” toothache pain, they
don’t completely get rid of it.
What if I told you that I discovered a groundbreaking remedy that
not only gets rid of your toothache completely, but it makes
sure that it never comes back?
Well, I do know that powerful toothache remedy, and if you would
like to learn more about this powerful toothache cure, visit:
so you can be able to enjoy your favorite foods again.
Dental Health Fun Facts
In previous sections of this course, you have
been taught how you can use some of the most
effective home toothache remedies in order to
relieve your toothache fast. Additionally, I have
told you how to get your hands on the one
“toothache cure” that not only relieves your
toothache pain, but completely gets rid of it
so it will never come back ever again (again, visit to learn how you
can gain access to this powerful toothache
However, in this section, I will like to share
with you some “fun facts” about dental health
that you may have not known about. Enjoy and
be more than happy to share these wonderful
facts with your friends and family.
The following are some fun dental facts that
you can share with the world:
When it comes to preventing tooth pain down
the road, several things can play a major role in
providing you with this “protective shield”.
And believe it or not, “drinking alcohol” can
play a major role in this equation. Now, I’m not
saying become an “alcoholic” or anything; I just
want you to hear me out for a second as I give
you factual knowledge based on scientific
Alcoholic beverages are already known to help some
health issues, and one of the alcoholic beverages I would
like to talk that can give you better oral health is wine.
Whenever wine is made using the “red wine
processes”, waste develops. The waste that
normally is developed is fermented seeds and
pomace. Based on research, the wine waste
contains compounds such as polyphenols that
can fight against S. mutans. S. mutans are microbes that
causes tooth decay.
Therefore, by drinking a little wine here and
there, and it can actually help your teeth by
fighting against harmful bacteria that exist in the
mouth. And you would not have to worry about
anything such as chipped tooth or tooth
sensitivity down the road.
So Thanksgiving Dinner Is
Actually Good For Your Teeth?
While I was browsing the internet, I saw a VERY
GOOD article about dental health as it relates to
Thanksgiving Day. The article, “For Your Teeth,
Thanksgiving Dinner Is a Real Food Fight”, talks
about how even though Thanksgiving dinner (as
expected) can do some serious damage to one’s teeth
enamel, Thanksgiving dinner (shocking to some) can
actually HELP your teeth as well as your overall
dental health.
According to the article, Thanksgiving food such as pies,
cookies, and casserole can obviously harm dental health.
The way “sweets” such as these harm oral health is
whenever such foods are consumed, microbes known as
S.mutans (which exists in the human’s mouth) “eat” the
food as well. Furthermore, these little creatures stick on
your teeth and creates acid, and this eventually leads to
tooth decay. However, another great Thanksgiving food
favorite, cranberry, actually can prevent toothache. This is
because cranberry fights against enzymes known as
glucosyltransferases. These types of enzymes are what
S.mutans use in order to create glucans. Without glucans,
bacteria becomes less powerful, which allows cranberry to
help stop the creation of tooth cavities.
Gum Disease- “Omega-3″ Fights
This PAINFUL Dental Problem
Gum disease can be extremely painful to
the human being. Scientifically known as
Periodontitis, this oral condition is basically a
painful inflammation of the gums. Causes of
gum disease include smoking, puberty,
pregnancy, menopause, stress, medications,
teeth grinding, diabetes, and poor nutrition.
There are different types of Periodontitis.
They include Aggressive Periodontitis and
Chronic Periodontitis. Aggressive
Periodontitis often results in attachment loss
and the destruction of the bone of the tooth.
Chronic Periodontitis results into
inflammation of tissue inside the tooth as well
as attachment loss and bone loss. Chronic
Periodontitis is more common than
Aggressive Periodontitis, and it occur at any
According to S.L. Baker of Natural News,
Omega-3, also known as docosahexaenoic
acid and eicosapentaenoic acid, actually
lowers gum disease in America. Asghar Z.
Naqvi, MPH, of Beth Israel Deaconess
Medical Center’s Department of Medicine,
suggests that not only Omega-3 can prevent
gum disease, but it also prevent other
chronic disease such as stroke.
Naqvi, along with his team, did research on
almost 10,000 people through a survey
entitled NHANES. This was the study that
made a case for Omega-3.
Additionally, to back the claim even further,
an earlier experiment performed at the
University of Kentucky showed Omega-3
decreases gum disease in mice as well.
Such research is great for man kind because
it can eventually results less toothaches as
well as other oral health problems in the
Dental Health Statistics
In this section of the course, I
would like to give you some great
dental health stats that have been
discovered after extensive
research in the field of dental.
These stats show how the human
population is impacted by dental health in
several ways. The stats consist of the
“Loosing Teeth” Problems For
Unfortunately, the average human
being starts losing teeth as he or she
gets older. The causes of “aging tooth
loss ranges in a lot of areas. Those
areas include gum disease, rotten
teeth, bad habits such as smoking,
accidents such being hit by an hard
object, etc.
Study shows that adults between the
ages of 20 and 64 have only 24-25
teeth remaining, and roughly 4% have
no teeth at all.
Another interesting fact is that African
Americans adults, smokers, and people
with little to no education, on average,
have less teeth than the average
Things that can decrease or even
eliminate tooth loss overtime is simply
following the basic dental health
procedures that we have been knowing out
whole life. Those things in include brushing
at least twice a day, brush after meals or if
possible, and healthy fruits and
vegetables that promote stronger teeth
over time.
Unfortunately, some humans can get lazy
over time and don’t apply such things, or
they may simply don’t know oral hygiene.
Either way it goes, hopefully as few as
possible will loose teeth as time goes on
by using by proper oral hygiene.
How Does Diabetes Relate To
Oral Health?
Diabetes is one of the leading health
problems in the entire world. The 3 main
types of Diabetes consists of the following:
1.) Type 1 Diabetes- This is when the
actual human being has to inject insulin
because the body fails to do so.
2.) Type 2 Diabetes- This occurs when
body cells does not properly use insulin.
This can also be associated with absolute
insulin deficiency.
3.) Gestational Diabetes- Occurs when
pregnant women develop high blood
glucose during pregnancy.
Roughly 23 million cases are in the U.S.,
with over 1 million new cases each year.
How does diabetes relates to oral health?
Well, people with diabetes have a higher
level of risk in terms of developing dental
health problems such as gum disease.
People with Diabetes should most
definitely use proper high oral hygiene and
take care of their teeth. If a oral infection of
any sort occurs, it’s advisable to see your
physician for further information. But in
the end, the general rule of thumb is that
people with Diabetes should most
definitely take care of their teeth and gums
by using daily activities such brushing,
flossing, and eating proper foods so things
such dental extraction, tooth bridges,
toothache pain be avoided down the road.
Global Research: Dental
Stats of the following
country: India
*According to a recent survey,
over 50% of India citizens
suffer from common dental
problems such as tooth
cavities, bleeding gums,
chipped teeth, and bad breath.
*Only 23% of mothers in India
know that they should send
their children to the dentist at
least twice a year.
*82% of Indians think that they
should only go to the dentist
for serious health problems
and not for “normal follow
*46% Indians brush their teeth
at night.
*31% of Mumbai suffers from
*87% of Mumbai mothers
wished their children brushed
their at least twice a day.
Due to the stats just mentioned
about India’s dental health ,
Oral-B, considered as the leading
toothbrush brand worldwide, and I highly
recommend them by the way, united with
dentists and actors in India to launch a
campaign entitled “Smile India”. “Smile
India” was created in order to teach the
citizens of India more about proper oral
Two important dental health tips that “Smile
India” is promoting consists of the
1.) Brush regularly, at least 2 minutes, for at
least twice a day (Note: I’ll throw in another
quick tip: after meals as well)
2.) Visit your local dentist at least 2 times a
As a result of launching this campaign, I’m sure that
India’s dental health stats will improve greatly for
for generations to come.
This course was designed to give you a step-by-step action plan that you
can use to immediately relieve your toothache fast as well as show you
where you find out more about the ONE TOOTHACHE CURE that
will COMPLETELY get rid of your toothache PERMANENTLY.
Additionally, in this course, you were able to learn a lot more
“bonus material” that increased your knowledge about dental health
in general.
If you would like to learn more about the one powerful toothache cure
that will get rid of your toothache forever , visit:
so you can be able to enjoy your favorite foods again.
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