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Joe Geenty
Temporary anchorage devices in orthodontics
Orthodontic tooth movement is traditionally achieved by applying force to a target
tooth or teeth, using non target teeth or auxiliary appliances as anchors. TADs are a
relatively new option, being fixed directly to bone, providing anchor points for tooth
movement that are subsequently removed after treatment. The use of TADs is
becoming more widespread as Orthodontists become aware of their potential.
Research has shown that they are technique sensitive and that success depends
upon careful placement.
Sequential Plastic Aligners, the good and the bad
As SPAs have evolved and become more sophisticated, they have become more
useful in the management of more severe malocclusion. This is implicit in claims
made by both manufacturers and users. Published research does not support this.
Refinement and improvement in the design of the aligners is continuing but until
new research is presented we need to carefully select our cases for this type of