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Cooking for
Weight Control
Managing your weight boils down to 2 simple factors
— increasing your activity and eating healthfully.
Choosing the best foods for nutrition and watching
your overall calorie intake will help you reach your
weight loss goals.
1/4 cup egg substitute for each whole egg
in a recipe
all or 1/2 the meat in pasta dishes with
Select whole wheat pasta, whole grain cereal,
brown rice, and other high-fiber foods instead of
their lower-fiber counterparts.
Your biggest tool for weight loss is in your kitchen
— preparing your own meals and
snacks lets you stay in control.
With a little creativity, you can
cut fat and calories while
making delicious,
healthy dishes.
A Method to Your
The way you cook
your food affects
the fat and calorie
content as well. It’s
best to avoid frying and
try these methods:
When skimming through
your favorite recipes, look for
places to substitute high-fat or highcalorie ingredients with healthier options.
Try these tips:
the fat in your baked goods with
foods in broth or white wine instead of butter
herbs/spices or citrus to flavor vegetables and
meat rather than butter or cream sauces
baked potatoes with salsa instead of sour cream
with a sugar/substitute blend rather than
regular sugar
for chicken, turkey, or other lean meats
low-fat milk rather than full fat or cream
— The hot air of your oven
can beautifully cook poultry, seafood, lean meat, and
vegetables. To prevent over-drying, marinate food
before cooking, cover with a lid or foil, and baste
— Whether you use an outdoor or indoor
grill, this cooking method adds tremendous flavor
while allowing excess fat to drip away. Meats,
seafood, and vegetables are popular on the grill, but
you can also grill some fruits for a unique dessert.
— Using a perforated basket above
simmering liquid or a steamer, this cooking method
retains natural taste, color, and nutrients while
avoiding unwanted calories. Add seasonings to the
water for more flavor.
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Cooking for Weight Control continued
— With only a small amount of oil, you
can stir-fry meats and vegetables in a wok or frying
pan. This method gives food a delectable pan-seared
flavor with a minimum of added fat.
Kitchen Calorie Control
Home cooking is an important tool for weight control.
When you select the ingredients, cooking method, and
preparation tools, you manage the fat and calories.
Slim-down Kitchen Gadgets
While trying to cut calories, also consider the tools you
use in the kitchen, for example:
pans — When you cook or bake on a
nonstick surface, less fat (if any) is required to keep
food from sticking.
baking mats — These reusable mats
on top of any baking sheet eliminate the need for
— These handy tools allow you to control
the amount of oil you add to your food when grilling
or roasting. Some low-fat salad dressings even come
prepackaged in spray pumps, allowing you to spray
the flavor evenly in a thin layer.
n Misters
— Pools of fat often gather at the top of
soups or sauces. Remove the unwanted fat with this
handy utensil.
n Skimmers
Preparing your own food with
fresh, delicious ingredients
gives you optimal control over
calories, nutrition, and flavor.
roasters — These simple tools allow
you to roast vertically in your oven to promote fat
drainage, while maintaining tenderness and flavor.
n Vertical
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