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Andrea Reese
Registered Nurse attends grad school, raises two kids
and STILL finds time to train and compete
By Marty Gallagher
ndrea Reese is on the go every single minute from the
moment she arises at 4 am
until she goes to sleep again that
night. She is a registered nurse and
works in a hospital delivering babies and caring for infants; this is a
very demanding and often stressful job. “My profession is helping
women and children and I am passionate about what I do.” This lady
is, in addition to passionate about
her career, smart, disciplined
and focused. By age 19, Andrea
had become a Licensed Practical
Nurse. Andrea continued her education and received her Bachelors
of Science in nursing in 2007. She
currently is pursuing an advanced
degree in graduate school. Nurse
Reese is a Charge Nurse working in the labor and delivery section at Crestwood Medical Center
in Huntsville, Alabama. Though
she is just 31 years of age, Andrea
is already eleven years into her
medical career. Andrea Fadiora
Reese was born in 1982 in Lagos,
Nigeria and Andrea was “blessed
to have married her best friend,
Philip Charles Reese in 2008.” The
Reese’s have two children, Philip
Charles Reese Jr., age 5 and Leila
Omotayo Reese, age 2. Andrea has
a serious job and a young family
complete with all the responsibiliPhoto by Furious Fotog
September 2013 / Performance Press
ties and commitments that go with
parenthood. Still she has somehow
found time, or perhaps it would be
more accurate to say Andrea made
time to commence upon a competitive career as a rising bikini
school and is a competitive athlete,
she supervises a crew of caregivers in a very busy hospital and
must make time to study for hours
each week in order to maintain her
class work and grade average – yet
somehow she still manages to find
time for daily weight training and
aerobic sessions and she somehow
makes time to prepare specialized
Andrea’s competitive aspirations
were kindled when she happened
to have made a casual comment to a coworker that led to an
introduction to Parrillo super-trainer Robert McAdory. Andrea
could not have found
a better possible mentor as Robert McAdory is the epitome
of the result-getting,
beenthere-done-that type
of personal trainer that
always gets results,
assuming the clients
do what they are told
and have a high pain
tolerance. For Andrea,
every minute of every
day is dedicated to
someone, something or
Photo by Mark Mason
some activity. Andrea
is a wife, mother of
Andrea Reese at the 2013
two young children, a
NPC Southern Classic
nurse; she attends grad
Performance Press / September 2013
Andrea Reese
before I have to leave
for work. I start my day
before the rest of the
world wakes up.” She
will perform some type
of intense physical training almost every day and
as a result of her early
morning training efforts
she is quickly emerging
as a top regional Bikini
competitor. She will be
stepping onstage at her
first national level competition by the time you
read this, on August 23rd
of 2013. “I will be competing at the NPC Bikini
Nationals in August.
This will be my sixth
competition and my first
venture onto the national
stage. My preparation is
ongoing and I feel strongly that I will achieve my
best ever physical condition. How my presentation will be received
by the judges or how I
Photo by Furious Fotog
place is really out of my
“When I first met Robert, about two years
hands. My preparation is
ago, he was very focused on my diet. His
in my own hands and I
dietary approach, I later learned, was based
have never been this preon Parrillo Principles; they worked
pared.” This is bad news
really well for me.”
for her competition, particularly when she has an
bodybuilding foods ahead of time. experienced pro like Robert McA“I train nearly every day and I try dory advising her every step of the
and do my weekly food prepara- way. How Andrea became a protétion on Sunday, if my schedule al- gé of Parrillo super-trainer Robert
lows.” Food prep is a big part of McAdory was odd happenstance:
the bodybuilding success equation: Andrea casually mentioned in an
Andrea eats “every three waking off-hand fashion to one of the dochours” and this necessitates eating tors at the hospital that she was
40 + times per week. That’s a lot looking to take her current level of
of food to prep. So how does she fitness to the next level. The doctor said, “If you are really serious
fit in fitness?
about getting serious, then you
“I get up at 4 am every day and need to see Robert McAdory – but
take care of my training before don’t waste his time unless you
any of my children awake and are willing to work harder than
September 2013 / Performance Press
you’ve ever worked in your life.”
This kind of talk didn’t scare Andrea; she had always been athletic
and fit her whole life. She was intrigued and made an appointment
with Robert, who saw her potential immediately.
When Robert put Andrea through
her first ever Parrillo-influenced,
high-intensity training session,
complete with drop sets, forced
reps and all the other intensityamping tactics, it was a training
revelation for Andrea. “My first
training session with Robert was
enlightening and physically devastating – I thought I was a hard
trainer until I was exposed to Robert’s approach.” Still, as a lifelong
medical professional something
clicked in Andrea. She sensed
the logic and the effectiveness of
this brutal training style. “Robert
helped me understand just how
hard a person can and should train.
Until you have been put through
this type of hardcore weight training, until you’ve been subjected to
the pace, the poundage, the forced
reps, the drop sets and all the rest
of this incredibly intense and demanding type of training, there is
no possible way for a normal gym
person to understand exactly how
hard the top trainers and athletes
train.” Robert also cleared up any
and all nutritional questions she
had by exposing Andrea to the nofrills Parrillo nutritional system.
“When I first met Robert, about
two years ago, he was very focused
on my diet. His dietary approach,
I later learned, was based on Parrillo Principles; they worked really
well for me.”
Andrea began putting it all together: she established her early
morning training routine. She
would start off each day with some
blazing quick “fasting” cardio.
Each session lasted for 40 minutes
and would amp up her metabolism (already fast and efficient)
for hours afterwards. After cardio, she begins a 40 minute ultraintense weight training routine.
She finishes up, showers, and gets
on with her busy, busy life. “For
me, rising at the crack of dawn allows me to find the time to train.
I would heartily endorse those
struggling to fit fitness in to take a
look at the possibility of using the
early morning as a way to create
the time needed.” This approach
certainly has worked for her. Robert was noting her improvement
and after Andrea had been train-
Photo by Furious Fotog
ing with Robert for a while,
he began encouraging her
to compete – he felt she
was that good. “I had been
training with Robert for
about a year when he suggested that I consider competing. He was going to be
putting on a show locally
and he thought it might be
a perfect opportunity for
me to jump into the competitive mix and not have
to travel. I did and I placed
5th. More importantly I became ‘hooked’ on the competition experience. I loved
the actual show, the walking onstage and competing.
I love the training, the
disciplined eating and I
love the actual competition, I didn’t know that
I would until that first
show – I really like to
Andrea has been making up for lost time and
has competed five times
in two years. “After I
began competing, it was
effortless to adhere to
my diet 100%. I began Photo by Mark Mason
taking Parrillo supple“I love the training, the disciplined eating
ments and that was a
and I love the actual competition, I didn’t
major breakthrough: to
know that I would until that first show –
this day I use Optimized
I really like to compete.”
Whey™, Parrillo Protein
Bars™ and I take the various very, very quickly. “I competed in
‘Parrillo pills.’ I learned first- my second bikini show four weeks
hand the importance of nutri- after taking 5th in my inaugural
tion and supplementation. I outing. I placed 3rd and in doing
learned how best to feed the so qualified for the NPC national
body…there is an art and sci- championships that would take
ence to eating the right foods place in Pittsburg in August.” To
in the right amounts at the use an old cliché, Andrea has bareright time. I also found that ex- ly scratched the surface of her own
pert use of nutritional supple- awesome potential. Andrea stands
ments can make a huge differ- 5 foot 3 inches and steps onstage
ence.” Andrea got a lot better weighing 118 pounds. She eats
Performance Press / September 2013
Andrea Reese
Photo by Furious Fotog
“Competing and training has taught me self discipline
and enhanced my self-worth.”
extremely “clean” year round, even
when not preparing for a competition. “I don’t find it a challenge to
eat basically the same way all the
time, eating very clean.” Her competitive game plan is to reconfigure her body symmetry a bit; she is
never out of shape. “I want to lean
out my legs slightly…I would like
to compete weighing 115 pounds
at the NPC show in August. I
never get heavier than 123 in the
perspective on how I should move
and act onstage after I attended a
show. You can learn a lot, not only
looking at the winners but also
watching others make mistakes on-
stage; mistakes that I might make
if I am not mindful. I now look at
my presentation from an audience
member’s perspective. I am going
to incorporate these ideas into my
stage presence and presentation.”
Insofar as future plans, Andrea’s
proverbial plate looks full far into
the foreseeable future. She is pursuing her Women’s Health Practitioner Master’s degree at the University of Georgetown, this while
working full time and overtime.
She is in hard training for National bikini competitions. She adds,
“Before everything, I seek to be
the best mother and best wife I can
be.” Andrea’s short term goal is
to compete and place on a national level and to obtain a pro card.
Her long term goals are unique
and varied.
“My immediate goal is to continue competing, I want to get on
a national stage this year and ultimately earn my pro card. Professionally, as a caregiver, I want
to continue to help others that
Andrea obtains expert advice
on posing from IFBB pro bodybuilder Jackie Hoppe. “Jackie was
invaluable in helping me with my
presentation. It takes a lot of practice to move gracefully and hold
yourself at perfect attention, even
when you are not in a call-out.”
Andrea mentioned how much of
a revelation it was to attend a bikini competition as a spectator. “I
gained valuable insight and a new
September 2013 / Performance Press
Photo by Furious Fotog
Workout Split
Monday: Cardio and shoulders
Tuesday: Back and biceps
Wednesday: Cardio and
Thursday: Legs
Friday: Cardio (Stairmaster)
Saturday: Shoulders and Triceps
Sunday: Cardio
Daily Meal Schedule
Photo by Brian W. Bennett
“My immediate goal is to continue
competing, I want to get on a
national stage this year and ultimately earn my pro card.”
struggle with body weight issues
or with body self-image.” Andrea
related that even the most timepressed can fit fitness in. “Just because you have children and just
because you work doesn’t exempt
you from engaging in fitness: you
can prove them wrong. I feel I am
staying healthy for my children
while setting a good example for
them. Competing and training
has taught me self discipline and
enhanced my self-worth. I hope
to be a motivator for women and
men that know they need fitness
but cannot seem to make it happen
during the day. Try early training,
or, if you are a night owl, perhaps
you can summon the energy to
train after everyone has gone to
bed. Either way, you can make
it happen if you are determined
and smart.”
Meal One: 4 egg whites + egg,
1/2 chopped apple, 1/4 cup oats
(Splenda and cinnamon)
Meal Two: 1/4 cup oats, 1/2
chopped apple, 1 serving of
whey protein
Meal Three: 4 oz chicken breast,
1/4 cup brown rice, 1 cup broccoli
Meal Four: 5oz. Tilapia
fish, 5 oz sweet potato, 1
cup green beans.
Meal Five: 4 oz. Chicken Breast,
green salad w/Italian dressing
Meal Six: (optional) 4 egg
whites, spinach, peppers & onions, 1 tbsp. peanut butter
Parrillo Supplements: Each day I
take Essential Vitamin Formula™,
Mineral Electrolyte Formula™,
Fish Oil DHA 800 EPA 200™ and
Liver Amino Formula™. I use
Optimized Whey Protein Powder™ every day and love Parrillo
Protein Bars™. I have a bit of a
sweet tooth and I find my Parrillo ‘treats’ help satiate my sweet
*I make sure and drink one
gallon of water daily.
Photo by Furious Fotog
Performance Press / September 2013
At 201 pounds, I was
the lightest man in
my class. Yet there
was no point in dropping 3 more pounds
to make light-heavyBackstage, I did my
best to ignore the fact
from the photos, you
that the other men in
can see I didn’t have
but I feel like a champion.”
my weight class pretty
any more fat to lose. I
So how did I wind up placing so
much all dwarfed me. In fact, I inhad been 206 pounds exactly two
low? It wasn’t politics or even bad
tentionally avoided even looking at
weeks before at the NPC Team
judging. The simple fact was that
my competition lest I psych myself
Universe, and I knew that it would
those other men in the Heavyweight out and destroy my own confidence.
take roughly 4-5 more pounds for
class were much more thickly deI clung to the hope that my condime to achieve the extreme level of
totally striated glutes
writing that I have not made the
and hams. And that most of. That encompasses not only
I did. I had said this
the articles, columns, and blogs I
would be my last do in the bodybuilding world, but
contest, and I meant
more so as a fiction writer. That’s
it. I have ‘retired’ bemy true writing passion and gift,
fore only to compete
and I am not proud to say that I have
again more than once
hardly done a thing with it aside
in the past, but that’s
from the short stories on my web
because I never felt I site and the two I had published in
honestly looked the
the anthologies “First Time Dead”
absolute best I was
and “Eyewitness Zombie.” Not a
capable of. I always
day goes by that I don’t think about
knew I could have
how I should be doing more of that,
been a little better
and it’s time that I made the time
somehow, which left
for it. Otherwise, I am squandering
a feeling of unfinnot only a talent, but something I
ished business. Now
am passionate about and get a great
I can walk away from
deal of enjoyment in writing.
the stage after 24
years knowing I reI also want to say that it was the
ally did go out at my perfect ending to my 24-year career
best. I have never
looked like that
before, and I will
“Not once in 18 weeks did
never look like
that again. I could
I cheat on my diet.”
not have trained
any harder or dition might possibly carry me to a
eted any stricter. Over 18 weeks,
top-five finish. At that point winI did not cheat on my diet once
ning was clearly not in the cards.
or skip a scheduled workout
We took to the stage in 4 groups of or cardio session, or give any
8, then waited for the head judge to
of them less than 100%. There
read off the numbers for the first
is a very real satisfaction in
callout to come to center stage for knowing that.
comparisons. Those numbers were
read and mine, 241, was not one of
I do appreciate those who have
them. So much for top five. I made
encouraged me to keep going,
the second callout and flexed my
but it’s finally time for me to
heart out, to no avail. I would not
ride off into the sunset and focus
place in this contest.
on the talents God gave me. The
good Lord did not grant me (or
But that does not mean I didn’t sucmost people) the genetics to be“This was the condition I have
ceed. As I said, my goal had always
come a pro bodybuilder, but He
to achieve for 24 years.”
been to compete just once with ‘pro
in his infinite grace and wisdom
level’ condition, and that means
did see fit to give me a talent for
will start with the result of the
recent NPC Masters Nationals
in Pittsburgh. I placed 14th out
of 32 men in the Over 40 Heavyweight (198 1/4 to 225 1/4 pounds)
division. Based on
that and the fact that
I had been training
to win and hopefully
earn my pro card, this
could be viewed as
a dismal failure and
many would assume
I am devastated at the
curled up in a fetal position under my kitchen table drowning my
sorrows in cookies
and ice cream. Far
from it. Actually, I
feel fantastic.
condition I have sought my entire
bodybuilding career, with clearly
striated glutes. Once you have that,
you’re about as ripped as you can
be without dropping dead.
September 2013 / Performance Press
veloped than I am. Please don’t anyone chalk this up to drug use. Genetics are the determining factor in
what any of us can ultimately look
like. Most of the men in my class
were 15-25 pounds
heavier than me at
the same height of 58 or in some cases, a
couple inches shorter.
They were meant to
be big, and no amount
of training or drugs
would ever make me
their size. Look at it
this way. You could
give a Chihuahua dog
all the steroids in the
world and it would
still never be as big as
a Rottweiler, because
it just wasn’t meant
to be. It would be
huge for a Chihuahua,
though! Good luck
fitting that juiced-up
pooch in your purse,
Paris Hilton.
Performance Press / September 2013
have been reading my articles for
years, in some cases as long as I’ve
been published, over 20 years ago
now! It’s been over 20 years that
I’ve done this very column for John
Parrillo, whose quality supplements
I have been using every day of my
life even longer than that. And even
the people who stopped me to tell
me they enjoy my blog and follow
my progress here and on Facebook
was so humbling. It’s a very lonely
endeavor, competitive bodybuilding, but the support and encouragement you get along the journey are
something I will always treasure.
I’ve been blessed to meet so many
people in person and many more
online who share my passion.
“The friends I have made along the way have made
my journey that much more rewarding.”
because I got to share it with two
of my best friends. Jose Raymond
was in Pittsburgh to support me
and his longtime friend and training partner Matthew Puglia. Matty
was kind enough to share a hotel
room with me. He took fourth last
year as an Over 35 Heavyweight,
and this year he moved up to Super Heavyweight and placed fifth,
significantly improved in both size
and condition from 2012.
We ate together, practiced posing
together, went to get spray tanned
together (nothing but good things
to say about Liquid Sun Rayz by
the way - best and easiest stage
color I have ever had!), and com12
peted together. I have so much respect for Matty. He works full-time
as a Dr. of Physical Therapy and
has to wait until after putting in
long days treating patients to train
himself. He’s also the father of two
young children. My kids are 19 and
almost 14 now, but I still remember how much work and care went
into raising them when they were
very small. It was my honor and
privilege to share the experience of
my final bodybuilding contest with
The weekend was fantastic overall,
as I saw so many old friends from
the sport and met many new ones. It
also felt good to talk to people who
September 2013 / Performance Press
So this is not a sad time for me at
all. Will I miss competing? Sure I
will. But I walk away with no regrets. I gave it my all and did the
very best I could with what God
gave me to work with. I may have
competed onstage with hundreds
of other men over the years, but
that was never the real competition.
It was always me against me, and I
am happy to say I won.
is the
author of
Real Bodybuilding,
available at
Performance Press / September 2013
The Parrillo Papers
Understanding The Anabolic Properties Of Regular Food
Understanding The
Anabolic Properties
Of Regular Food
Nutrition is 80% of bodybuilding success;
the expert use of regular food is a cornerstone concept
hy Parrillo insists on high
caloric intake: If you are
a serious bodybuilder, calories can and should be eaten often in
meals or snacks that are consumed 4
to 8 times per day, every single day.
The calories must be of the right type
and kind. We call a proper, bodybuilding-appropriate calorie a “clean”
calorie. Clean calories eaten in ample
amounts boosts the metabolism and
supports the hardcore weight training and the copious cardio John Parrillo insists we do if we are to fulfill
our genetic potential as bodybuilders.
We need lots of calories to promote
healing and growth. A Parrillo Pro
bodybuilder has large, shapely, proportional muscles because of what he
eats, when he eats and how much he
eats; the Parrillo Pro bodybuilder is
able to accomplish the most difficult
feat in all of bodybuilding: adding
muscle size without adding body fat.
Anyone can grow muscle; the trick is
build muscle without adding an unacceptable amount of body fat.
The basic mass-building formula
has been known for decades: eat
tons of calories on an indiscriminate
basis while simultaneously engaging in hardcore power training; use
super heavy, very basic exercises;
train heavy, eat everything that’s not
nailed down and be sure and sleep a
lot. Using this strategy, anyone with a
pulse can grow muscle – and just as
surely add body fat. Powerlifters have
used this approach for eons: eat big,
lift big, rest big, grow big and in the
vast majority of cases, grow fat! This
“see food” diet is unacceptable to the
Parrillo bodybuilder. The amount of
body fat accumulation is unacceptable. Besides, John Parrillo has devised a devilishly clever way in which
to add muscle size without adding an
unacceptable amount of body fat. He
bases his approach on the expert use
of regular food and amplifies a cleancalorie, high-calorie diet with potent
nutritional supplements.
The Parrillo Strategy for fat-free
weight gain: John Parrillo was the
first bodybuilding expert to point
out that if the ultimate goal is fatfree weight gain, the trainee needs
to control insulin through their diet.
As he noted in The Parrillo Papers,
“Certain foods spike insulin and are
preferentially partitioned into body
fat storage while other foods are insulin-neutral and are preferentially
partitioned towards building muscle.” Parrillo noted that lean protein
and fibrous carbohydrates are pref-
September 2013 / Performance Press
By Duke Nukem
erentially used to build muscle and
have little effect on insulin. In a bit
of an oversimplification, flooding the
system with insulin makes us fat. We
want to consume those foods that are
preferentially used to build muscle,
or used for energy usage and do not
spike insulin.
Lean protein and fibrous carbohydrates are preferentially used to build
muscle. They do not spike insulin to
any degree and both nutrients are difficult for the body to convert into body
fat. If lean protein and fiber carbs are
eaten together, they dampen the insulin response normally generated by
starch carbs (rice or potato) eaten at
the same meal. Eat starch with protein and fiber and minimize the insulin spike normally generated if the
starch was eaten alone. The classical
Parrillo meal consists of a portion of
lean protein, a portion of fiber carbs
and a portion of starch carbs. The
Parrillo meal is the cornerstone of the
Parrillo Nutritional Program.
“The expert use of regular food will
get you 90% of the way ‘there.’” To
build muscle without adding body fat
we need to eat lots of clean calories
and train consistently and with great
intensity. Optimally, we eat copious
amounts of clean calories that are
broken into (roughly) equal caloric
amounts, multiple meals spaced every 2-3 waking hours. Through the
expert use of regular food we are
able to create an anabolic environment. Once the all-natural anabolic
environment is established, muscle
can be grown. If the eating is clean,
body fat accumulation is minimal,
negligible – but the eating has to
be perfect, the training savage, the
cardio intense and the supplements
Parrillo. John rightly points out that
“proper nutritional supplementation
can and will add a full 10% to 15% to
the efforts of the hard-training, disciplined bodybuilder. The expert use
of regular food, the kind of food obtainable from the grocery store, is the
foundation upon which the Parrillo
nutritional approach is based.” We
start by squaring away the nutrition.
We square away the nutrition starting
with meal prep, instituting a multiple-meal eating schedule: we need to
eat big, eat clean and eat often. The
diet needs to be disciplined and clean
and consistent. The weight training
has to be intense enough to trigger
hypertrophy and the cardio sufficient
enough to jack up the metabolism. If
the Parrillo approach is adhered to
fully and completely, muscle is built
while little if any body fat is accumulated. But you need to be perfect
in all aspects of the process; nothing
less will allow you to successfully
stride the requisite razor’s edge.
Foods acceptable and unacceptable: For those brave few that actually make the leap from hobbyist to
bodybuilding competitor, the first order of business is to establish a multiple meal eating schedule. Consume
quality nutrients five to eight times a
day. Every two to three waking hours
eat a food meal or a supplement meal.
All the bad foodstuffs, all the sodas
and alcohol, all the manmade foods
and canned foods, all the breads and
sweets, all the bad stuff is jettisoned,
completely – no ifs, ands or buts! You
have to learn to prepare food ahead
of time. You have to make sure the
foods consumed are acceptable and
approved. Food preparation is a big
part of being a real bodybuilder. We
can’t depend on mom or sis, or the
girlfriend, wife or the significant other to prepare the massive amounts of
approved foods we need to eat each
day. True bodybuilders prepare their
own food and they prepare the bulk of
their food ahead of time. Classically,
the pro bodybuilder spends Sunday
Nutrition is the single
most important aspect
of the bodybuilding
process and food
prep is a huge part
of successful nutrition.
afternoon putting together his bulk
foods for the coming week. Nutrition is the single most important aspect of the bodybuilding process and
food prep is a huge part of successful
Eliminate LCT fat: One of the defining characteristic of the Parrillo
nutritional program is the virtual
elimination of long-chain saturated
fat (LCT) from the diet. John Parrillo
recommends limiting LCT saturated
fat to 5% of daily caloric intake. This
is a mere trifle; if a man eats 3,000
calories per day, under the Parrillo
guidelines his allowable saturated
fat intake would be 150 calories. Fat
contains 9 calories per gram which
means the individual following the
Parrillo game plan eating 3,000 calories per day would be allotted 17
grams of (LCT) fat per day – about
the same amount of fat contained in
two pats of butter.
Add back MCT fat: Most casual
observers of the Parrillo nutritional
approach mistakenly label the Parrillo diet as a low fat diet. If they
were to delve a bit deeper they would
see that this is factually inaccurate:
while John insists that bodybuilders
take the long-chain saturated fat out
of the diet (“LCT fat is preferentially
partitioned into fat storage with the
greatest of ease.”) he is adamant that
those same bodybuilders “add back”
medium-chain triglyceride (MCT)
fat to “replace lost LCT fat calories.”
Whereas LCT fat is preferentially
directed into body fat storage, MCT
calories are preferentially used as an
instant source of energy. MCTs go to
the head of the oxidation lineup. No
matter what foods or fuel you currently have in your body, when you
consume MCT calories they jump
ahead of everything, they are immediately used, burned up like a drag
racer hitting the nitrous oxide switch.
Consuming MCT calories is akin to
throwing gasoline on a bonfire. Not
coincidentally, John produces the
finest MCT nutritional supplement
available anywhere, the venerable
CapTri®. CapTri® is a MCT oil that has
the caloric density of fat, 113 calories
per tablespoon. Here are the Parrillo
• Establish a multiple-meal eating
schedule: 5-8 times per day, every 23 waking hours the bodybuilder consumes a Parrillo meal or a Parrillo
supplement meal.
Performance Press / September 2013
• Attain daily protein benchmarks:
Bodybuilders need to ingest 1 to 1.5
grams or more of protein per pound
of bodyweight. A 200 pound man will
need 200 to 300 grams of protein.
• Use Parrillo meals to dampen insulin: The ideal meal contains a portion
of protein, fiber and starch; this combination dampens insulin associated
with starch.
• Eliminate dietary LCT fat: The Parrillo program recommends that saturated fat be limited to 5% of daily
calories. 5% of 2,000 would be 100
calories, 11 fat grams.
• Reduce starch: Leading up to a
competition or during a lean out
phase, starch calories are purposefully reduced, gradually, to achieve
maximum leanness.
• Add back MCT calories: Parrillo replaces fat-creating LCT calories with
fast oxidizing MCT calories. Parrillo bodybuilders establish caloric
• Increase starch calories and MCT
calories to build mass: In the competitive off-season, Parrillo bodybuilders
add mass by increasing clean calorie
• No breaks or off days: It is very
popular in bodybuilding diet circles
to grant one day a week off to eat
whatever you want – not so with
Food selections: We are not going to
go into tremendous detail about what
specific foods you can and cannot eat
under the structures and guidelines
of the Parrillo Performance Nutritional System. Obviously proteins
need to be lean; white meat fowl, fish
and shellfish are fine, low fat beef
(primarily flank and skirt steak) is
acceptable; no pork (too fatty,) offcuts like lamb, wild game, buffalo
and ostrich are fine as long as they
are low fat. Most bodybuilders eat a
lot of variously prepared white meat
chicken and canned tuna. Eating any
and all types of fibrous carb (broccoli, spinach, carrots, bell peppers, cabbage, etc.) is encouraged. You can’t
load salads up with store-bought gooey salad dressings. Fiber and protein
lessen the insulin secretion associated with starchy carbohydrates. Starch
carbs, in the Parrillo approach, represent a nutritional wildcard. Depending on what your short term goal is,
you can determine how much or how
little starch carbs to allow yourself.
Eating any & all types
of fibrous carbs (broccoli,
spinach, carrots, bell peppers,
cabbage, etc.) is encouraged.
Reducing starch carbs during a leanout phase and replacing lost starch
calories with CapTri® calories is the
standard tactic for Parrillo competitive bodybuilders.
Supplements to supplement: The
Parrillo attitude towards nutritional
supplementation is based on consistency, commonsense and understanding what supplements can and cannot
do. What supplements can do is enhance an already solid nutrition and
training effort. If you train hard as
hell, supplements will fuel recovery
and growth; if you are eating consistently and correctly, supplements will
make consuming the huge amount of
quality calories and ingesting healing, regenerating nutrients far easier.
Supplements are meant to supplement an already solid diet plan; supplements are not meant to replace the
September 2013 / Performance Press
consumption of regular food. Institute a multiple-meal eating schedule,
switch out refined foods, processed
foods and high-fat foods for approved
bodybuilding foods, and when the
diet plan has been established, incorporate targeted nutritional supplementation.
The anabolic properties of regular food: All Parrillo competitive
bodybuilders have a current goal. If
the Parrillo bodybuilder is actively
looking to shed body fat in the weeks
leading up to a show, then all their
training and nutritional efforts are
focused on that very specific goal. If
it is in the ‘off-season’ and they are
trying to add a significant amount
of lean muscle mass (without adding an unacceptable amount of body
fat) then all their efforts are focused
on that specific goal. Regardless the
goal, there is an array of Parrillo
supplements designed to aid in the
attainment of whatever goal is being sought. Parrillo supplementation
is meant to amplify results received
from the intense physical training. A
proper nutritional supplementation
program augments and strengthens
a sound, whole food diet comprised
of powerful, natural, wholesome
bodybuilding foods. The first step
and the most important step in any
bodybuilding effort is the establishment of a serious bodybuilding nutritional plan. The second step is to
incorporate powerful, potent supplements. The intense training is “underpinned” with the powerful tandem
of bodybuilding foods and Parrillo
supplements. Learn how to create the
highly beneficial anabolic environment by using regular food expertly.
Underpin the intense training with
perfect eating and potent Parrillo
supplementation. This is the timeless
method for building maximum muscle with a minimum amount of body
fat accumulation.
fy Your
Sweet Tooth with the Soft C
Try Our
he w
•Deliciously soft
and chewy texture
•130 Calories
•22g of Protein
•17g of Fiber
•Only 3g Net Carbs
Performance Press / September 2013
tips & tidbits
of the month
CapTri Sweet Dip
30 g. egg white
1 tbsp. lemon juice
8 tbsp. CapTri®
1 tsp. pure vanilla
1 tsp. Pro‑Carb
Formula™ (to taste)
1/2 tsp. maple extract
Beat egg white in blender on low. Add lemon juice,
vanilla and maple extract. Slowly pour CapTri® in while
blending on low speed. Dip will become creamy. Add
Pro‑Carb™ to sweeten, blending to desired consistency. Makes about 3/4 cup Sweet Dip. Each tbsp.
used contains 76 calories.
Tastes great spread in crepes before rolling them up!
See page 13 of the Parrillo CapTri® Cookbook for our
delicious crepes recipe. You can also find the recipe
online at - just use
the search box at the top of the page.
Training Tip
of the month:
Lat Stretch
Start: With both hands, grasp a
bar or piece of stationary equipment. Place all the weight on the
left side of your body—the side
that will be stretched first. Cross
your right leg over your left leg
and step forward so that all
your weight is on your left foot.
Stretch: Lean away from the
bar, forming a comma with your
body. With your left hand, push
your shoulders in and through,
as illustrated. Hold this position
for ten seconds. Repeat with the
other side of your body.
September 2013 / Performance Press
of the month:
• Can be fried, pickled, roasted or grilled
• High in fiber, vitamin C, folate, and antioxidants
• Good source of calcium and potassium
• Used in gumbo, stews, soups, stir-fries, and curries
Nutritional Information for 100g, raw:
Calories 36
Protein 2.4g
Fat .3g
Total Carbs 7.6g
Fiber 1g
Calcium 92mg
Phosphorus 51mg
Iron .6mg
Sodium 3mg
Potassium 249mg
Vitamin A 520 IU
Try this delicious side dish idea using okra:
• Roasted Okra: Using 1 lb. of okra, cut pods into
thirds and place on a baking sheet. Drizzle with 2
tbsp. CapTri® MCT oil and add to taste: black pepper, No-Salt, and spices such as turmeric and cumin
or rosemary. Toss to coat thoroughly. Roast at 350°
for about 20 min., or until crisp and lightly brown,
stirring once halfway through cooking time.
nutrition Tip
of the month:
Formulas For Success
Off-Season Protein Consumption:
During the off-season, you need approximately 1.5
grams of protein or more per pound of body weight. To
determine how many grams of protein to eat, use the
following equation:
Your Bodyweight x 1.5 =
Grams of Protein Per Day.
For example, someone weighing 175 pounds
should eat: 175 X 1.5 = 262.5 Grams of Protein
Per Day.
As you gain weight, you need more protein to support
the additional pounds and continue to grow. The majority of your protein intake should consist of pure protein
sources (chicken, fish, egg whites, etc.), although some
will come from supplements and carbohydrate foods.
& Discoveries
In Fitness & Nutrition
Vitamins And Minerals Can Boost Energy And
Enhance Mood
Vitamin and mineral supplements can enhance mental energy
and well-being not only for healthy adults but for those prone
to anxiety and depression, according to a July 15 panel discussion at the 2013 Institute of Food Technologists Annual Meeting & Food Expo® held at McCormick Place. Bonnie Kaplan,
Ph.D., professor in the faculty of medicine at the University
of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, said Monday vitamins and mineral supplements can be the alternative to increasing psychiatric medicines for symptom relief of anxiety and depression.
The supplements, she said, also can provide the mental energy necessary to manage stress, enhance mood and reduce
In a series of studies she recently conducted in Canada, Kaplan
found of the 97 adults with diagnosed mood disorders who
kept a three-day food record, a higher intake of vitamins and
minerals were significantly correlated with overall enhanced
mental functioning. Other vitamins that have been known to
enhance mood, said C.J. Geiger, Ph.D., president of Geiger &
Associates, LLC, and research associate professor in the division of nutrition at the University of Utah, include 5-Hydroxytryptophan (5 HTP), Vitamins B and D, as well as ginkgo biloba
and Omega 3.
In her research, Geiger has found most adults define energy
throughout the day as peaking mid-morning, falling to a valley
in the afternoon after lunch and recovering with a pickup in
late afternoon, settling back down before bedtime. However,
these peaks and valleys did vary with gender, age and climate.
She said many adults are known to use coffee, soft drinks,
chocolate and candy bars as well as energy drinks, bars and
chews with high sugar boosts to maintain energy throughout
the day. She found other adults ate more frequent, smaller
meals to sustain energy while making time for lots of rest and
exercise. - Institute of Food Technologists, Chicago, July 16, 2013
Article Fact:
Dietary protein and complex carbohydrates have negligible
tendency to be converted to fat, whereas dietary fat is very
prone to be stored as body fat. Read more in John’s article found on page 20.
Time Cruncher
If your vegetables (especially carrots, celery, radishes, asparagus, cucumbers and cauliflower) have been in your
refrigerator too long and have begun to wilt or go limp,
just soak them for a few hours in a bowl of ice cubes and
cold water to help bring back their crunch.
of the month:
Question: John, I know that stretching during your
workout is recommended, but what benefits are you
getting from doing so?
Answer: Stretching has incredible benefits when integrated into a weight training program. The stretching I use is very
specialized – a method I developed just
for bodybuilders, called “fascial stretching,” a term I coined and defined. Combined with weight training, it multiples
the results!
• Your muscle size increases when stretching is a regular part of your training program. Stretching also gives the muscle
better shape, with more separation.
•Stretching elicits responses in muscle groups that have
reached sticking points in training.
• Done consistently, stretching also makes you stronger. You can raise your golgi tendon reflex threshold
by regularly stretching your muscles, tendons and
ligaments. As a result, you’ll be able to handle more
weight with ever-increasing intensity.
• Stretching makes your body more flexible, giving your
muscles and the joints they connect greater range of
motion. Stretching also helps prevent muscle soreness
and promotes better recovery.
Quick Tip
of the month:
Here’s a delicious dessert idea from Parrillo customer Keith K. Butterscotch Rice Pudding: Mix 2 level
scoops of Parrillo Butterscotch Pudding Mix™ with 10
ounces chilled water. Whisk or stir for 30 sec. to 1 min.
or until thoroughly mixed. Then add 1 TBS CapTri®, 1/4
cup cooked and cooled brown rice, a couple drops of
vanilla extract, stevia to taste, and a tiny pinch of salt
or No-Salt. It’s ready to eat or store in refrigerator.
of the month:
High Fiber Chocolate Syrup Mix™
• Great on Parrillo Protein Ice Kreem™, Hi-Protein Cake™,
Contest Brownies™ and more!
• Quick & Easy to make, just add water and stir
• Each serving contains 12g of prebiotic fiber, only 20
calories, and 0g of sugar
• Great option for contest dieting
Yes, you can have chocolate syrup even if you’re on a strict
diet! Try it drizzled on Parrillo Protein Ice Kreem™ and a warm
Contest Brownie™ for a chocolate lover’s dream dessert!
Performance Press / September 2013
f you’ve ever flipped through
the pages of a bodybuilding
or fitness magazine, I bet
you’ve wondered: “Wow, how do
those bodybuilders and fitness
models get bodies like that?”
Okay, before I answer that, let me
clarify that I’m writing this for
those of you who strive to be in
great shape, but aren’t necessarily
training (or do not want to train)
for a bodybuilding or fitness
competition. And I am writing to
explain how you can achieve that
level of physique perfection.
If you want a body like that, then
you’ve got to eat and train like a
bodybuilder – pure and simple. I
could stop there with my advice,
but this would then be a very
short column. So let me go into
more detail with you.
To look like the athletes in the
mags, you’ve got to know how to
burn body fat and build muscle
– and not lose any muscle. That’s
the really tricky part. Here’s what
I’ve found with all the people I’ve
worked with who have achieved
that level of physique perfection:
A successful approach to losing body fat involves alternating
one month on a weight gain cycle
and one month on a fat loss cycle.
The first month you would gain
a pound each week (four pounds)
and 75% of it is muscle. In the
second month you lose a pound a
week (four pounds total) and 75%
of that loss is fat. At the end of the
To look like the
athletes in the mags,
you’ve got to know
how to burn body
fat and build muscle
– and not lose any
muscle. That’s the
really tricky part.
two-month cycle you will have
gained two pounds of muscle and
lost two pounds of fat. Extend
that to a year and you’re looking
at 12 pounds of muscle gained
and 12 pounds of fat lost. You’re
constantly making progress, and
your metabolism never gets the
chance to slow down. That’s the
September 2013 / Performance Press
beauty of this approach; you’re
always either gaining muscle
or losing fat; and the constant
change prevents your metabolism
from adapting so you can make
continual progress without wasting time being stuck on a plateau
and trying to figure out what
to do.
In principle, you could keep this
up for year after year. If you’re
20% body fat or more, you may
want to devote a few months to
getting in shape first, or if you’re
really skinny, you may want to
spend a few months just putting
on size. But if you’re somewhere
in the middle, maybe around 10%
body fat, you might consider giving this program a try. To gain a
pound a week increase your calories to 300-500 a day, do 20-30
minutes of aerobics a day, and
train like a powerlifter with heavy
sets in the 3-6 rep range. To lose
a pound a week, decrease calories by the same amount per day,
do 60 minutes of aerobics a day,
and train like a bodybuilder with
increased volume and moderate
weight in the 8-12 rep range.
There are other ways you can
maximize this fat-burning mode.
For example:
● Continue to eat five, six or How do you cut down on carbs
more meals a day to keep your without decreasing calories? You
metabolism in a constant state consume more of something else.
of acceleration. This has several Fat is not an option, so your only
beneficial effects. Every time you other choices are protein or medieat your metabolic rate increases um-chain triglyceride oil (MCT
a little due to the thermic effect oil like CapTri®). Either one will
of feeding (also known as diet-in- work, but a combination of both
duced thermogenesis). Eating fre- probably works best.
quently keeps your internal furnace stoked and keeps your me- Let’s be brutally honest about this.
tabolism speeding along. If you If you’re used to getting most of
go too long without eating,
your metabolism begins to
People who cut their
slow down.
carbs dramatically
have low energy
levels, are
irritable and
grouchy, and
get headaches.
● Eliminate as much fat
as possible from your diet,
since fat has a slowing effect on metabolism. Dietary
protein and complex carbohydrates have negligible
tendency to be converted
to fat, whereas dietary fat
is very prone to be stored MCT oil is
as body fat (1,2,3,4). This is more effective
a hot topic in the scientific at relieving
literature these days and is some of these
a matter of debate in body- symptoms than
building circles. (It is less protein because
a matter of debate in the it’s more readily
scientific journals, where used as an
actual research is reported.) energy source.
Very little of your body fat
comes from complex carbohy- your calories from carbs, cutting
drates or protein being converted back significantly on carbs makes
into fat; almost all of it comes you feel bad, at least for a while.
from fat you eat. How much fat People who cut their carbs drayour body stores seems to be matically have low energy levels,
more closely related to how much are irritable and grouchy, and get
fat you eat rather than how many headaches. CapTri® MCT oil is
calories you eat.
more effective at relieving some
of these symptoms than protein
● Decrease your carbohydrate because it’s more readily used as
intake, thereby lowering insulin an energy source. Protein is not
levels and activating fat-burning a very efficient energy source. Its
mechanisms in the body. But: role is to serve as a building block
for repair and maintenance of tissues, not to provide metabolizable
fuel. Using protein for energy is
kind of like trying to burn a wet
log. Carbs, on the other hand, are
a great energy source. So if you
want to reduce carbs in your diet
to manipulate hormone levels and
promote fat metabolism it makes
sense to replace those calories
with another fuel source, namely
MCT oil. The supplement is a
good choice because it is
readily burned as fuel and
won’t be stored as body fat,
(5, 6).
I suggest you ease into this
slowly. Start by eliminating starchy carbs (potatoes,
sweet potatoes, rice, and so
forth) from your last meals
of the day. Replace those
lost calories from carbs
with an equivalent number
of calories from CapTri®
MCT oil. MCT oil actually
has a higher thermogenic
effect than carbohydrate,
meaning that more of this
dietary energy will be lost
as body heat with less energy available for storage.
This further promotes additional fat loss. Continue in this
way until you reduce your daily
carbohydrate grams to about half
of what you normally consume.
At this point you’ll be eating
mostly protein, vegetables, and
CapTri® MCT oil.
● Do your aerobics when you
are relatively carb-depleted. This
will cause your body to burn
more fat for energy during your
workout because fewer carbs are
Performance Press / September 2013
available. The best time is first
thing in the morning before
breakfast. Your glycogen stores
are the lowest they’ll be all day,
so you’ll rely more heavily on
stored fat. To prevent muscle loss,
consume two scoops of a quality
protein powder prior to performing your aerobics.
For maximizing fat loss, another
good time to perform
aerobics is right after
weight training, because
then you’re relatively
glycogen depleted too.
You should do moderate
to fairly high intensity
aerobics, so that you’re
breathing hard and sweating. While it’s true you
burn a higher percentage
of calories from fat during low intensity aerobics, you will burn more
grams of body fat if you
perform high intensity
aerobics, because you’ll
burn so many more total calories. Also, if you
do reasonably intense
aerobics you will get
the added benefits of increased vascular density
and enhanced fat burning capacity. Increase
the volume of aerobics progressively as you get leaner. If your
fat loss plateaus the first thing to
try is to do more aerobics. If that
doesn’t work you should probably
back off for a couple weeks, increase your calories, put on some
muscle, and get your metabolism
going again.
How do you know if you’re los22
ing fat and not muscle? By having
your body measured once a week
with an accurate assessment
method such as our BodyStat
Kit™. With the information you
attain, you can determine your
pounds of lean mass and pounds
of fat every week and make adjustments in your training and
diet accordingly to make sure you
stay on track.
1. Flatt JP. 1987. Dietary fat, carbohydrate balance, and weight
maintenance: effects of exercise.
American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 45: 296-306.
2. Flatt JP. 1995. Use and storage
of carbohydrate and fat. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
61: 952s-959s.
3. Swinburn B and Ravussin E. 1993. Energy
balance or fat balance?
American Journal of
Clinical Nutrition 57:
You will burn
more grams of body
fat if you perform high
intensity aerobics,
because you’ll burn
so many more total
With proper assessment, you can
pinpoint exactly what the problem
is and make detailed adjustments
to fix it. Otherwise, if you’re just
going on what “feels right” or
seems to make sense, and you
don’t make good progress, you’re
not sure what to change. Remove
the guesswork from your bodybuilding program. Don’t leave
anything to chance.
September 2013 / Performance Press
4. Acheson KJ, Flatt JP,
and Jequier E. 1982. Glycogen synthesis versus
lipogenesis after a 500
gram carbohydrate meal
in man. Metabolism 31:
5. Baba N, Bracco
EF, and Hashim SA.
1982. Enhanced thermogenesis and diminished deposition of fat
in response to overfeeding with diet containing
medium chain triglyceride. American Journal of
Clinical Nutrition 35: 678-682.
6. Bach AC and Babayan VK.
1982. Medium chain triglycerides: an update. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 36:
Contrast overcomes stagnation…Recovery meal…
Training ‘around’ an injury…10,000 calories…Time pressed…
What is your strategy for dealing
with stagnation? I understand that
each instance is different – still,
is there any general strategy that
you or Parrillo would use or recommend when training stagnation
sets in? As we old pros know all
too well, the only consistent thing
in bodybuilding is the end of progress; every program, no matter
how good, eventually dries up and
stops delivering results. The real
question is: how do we spark progress when we are totally stagnant?
What is the solution?
Thaddeus, Detroit
Oh, how right you are about the only
constant in training being the onset
of stagnation, assuming you were
able to generate any progress to begin with. My anti-stagnation mantra is contrast – whatever training
or nutritional approach I am using,
when looking for a new alternative
The mistake most trainees
make: when stagnation
sets in the changes they
institute are too small, too
finite, too insignificant, to
spark progress.
I want an approach that is radically
different from the one I am using.
The mistake most trainees make is
when stagnation sets in the changes they institute are too small, too
finite, too insignificant, to spark
progress. Changing from 8 rep sets
to 10 rep sets is insignificant, hardly enough contrast. Changing from
8 rep sets to 15 rep sets might do it
– or how about cranking down to 3
rep sets while piling on the plates?
Now that’s a real change!
Ditto with cardio: if you’ve been
riding the stationary bike at a steady
pace for 45 minutes four times a
week, bumping to 50 minutes five
times weekly is really just doing
more of the same. How about getting off the damned bike altogether
and trying some interval sprinting
or become involved in some intense
athletic games? Steady-state cardio
users get amazing benefits when
they periodically shift to burst or
interval-type cardio activities. If
Performance Press / September 2013
you are bored out of your mind
with your diet – change the foods!
Vital contrast is, for me, always
and forever, the key to reigniting
Think outside the box – oh, and
stop continually playing to your
strengths – if you spend 50% of
your training time on biceps and
triceps, then you are a one-dimensional trainer doomed to disproportional, unbalanced muscular development. However your imbalanced
and biased approach creates an opportunity for rapid and radical progress – start blasting
your weak points (your legs,
perhaps?) with the same fervor that you currently use on
your favored body parts. I
can guarantee that if you can
embrace training your weakness (instead of continually
playing to your strengths)
you will shatter any and all
stagnation barriers.
I talked to some IFBB competitive bodybuilders that
train at my local hardcore
gym and they mentioned that
they were getting excellent
results by adding a second
recovery meal. They would
take their 50/50 Plus™ shake immediately after the workout and then
look to eat a small food meal when
they got home from the gym. Their
thinking was that a predigested
shake is excellent for getting nutrients to battered muscles quickly. By
eating a food meal 60-90 minutes
after the conclusion of the workout,
they engage and activate the digestive system and to a degree that a
metabolic bump occurs. Interesting theory – think there is anything
to it? It is a bit of a hassle to eat
a food meal after a workout – on
the one hand, on the other hand if
it delivers spectacular results (and
these guys are muscle monsters)
then, hey! Maybe a little hassle is
in order!
Brad, Ontario
I can see some real merit to this
strategy. The idea of taking a postworkout nutritional supplement in
liquid form has been shown time
Amplify results after training
with this recovery strategy!
and again to amplify results obtained from the workout. That’s a
hell of a good thing: think about
how profound that is: you obtain
superior results from the identical
workout by drinking a shake, eating a proper Parrillo meal, or both.
Science says that the ideal replenishment formula is a 50/50 combination of high BV protein and an
equal amount of potent, slow-re-
September 2013 / Performance Press
lease carbohydrate. The carb source
should not spike insulin. To this
end, John Parrillo created 50/50
Plus™, his proprietary blend of protein combined with a slow-release
maltodextrin carb source. Parrillo
pro bodybuilders will sip a serving or two of 50/50 Plus™ (mixed
with cold water) as they finish their
weight workout. Drinking 50/50 towards the end of an intense weight
workout helps curtail energy nosedives that invariably occur at the
end of every intense training session. Those same Parrillo pros will
also wash down a handful of
Parrillo Muscle Amino Formula™ capsules along with a
half dozen slow-release Liver Amino Formula™ tablets.
Muscle Amino™ is loaded
with branch-chain amino
acids critical for repair and
rebuilding of muscle tissue. Each Liver Amino™
tab contains 1.5 grams of
protein and contains bloodbuilding heme iron. Eating
a small, Parrillo-meal (portion of lean protein, portion
of starch, portion of fiber)
makes perfect sense for the
exact reasons cited. Why not
try this food-after-training,
second recovery meal strategy for say six weeks and
report back. I would think that in
a mass-building phase this strategy
would be highly beneficial.
Quick question: how would you
“train around” a broken arm? I
took a hard skiing tumble recently
and fractured my lower left forearm above the wrist. I am looking to keep training. I have really
made excellent progress over the
past year using Parrillo hardcore
protocols. I figured you’d had your
share of injuries over the years. I’d
love to get your input on how to
keep going.
Daniel, Aspen
flat bench presses using the good
arm. Delts are worked with press
machines, one-arm dumbbell work
with the good arm; one-arm lateral
raises are easy. Training around
an injury in this fashion weirdly
forces you to change pace and try
some new things. Invariably, when
the wounded limb becomes operational again, not only does it come
back stronger, but all the one arm
lifting has really strengthened your
irreparably! This type of nutritional advice could turn American
youth into fat tub-of-lards – really
sir! 10,000 calories a day? How
many chicken breasts does it take
to get to 10,000!!??
Name withheld, Salem
We used to have a saying, “When a
leg injury occurs, time for an upperOkay – where to start – I’m too late
body specialization program.” Or
to turn American youth fat – they’re
conversely, “When an arm or torso
already fat. You are probably wellinjury occurs, time for a lowerintentioned, but you are woefulbody specialization program.”
ly ignorant. Many of John ParIf I were you, I would take this
rillo’s elite bodybuilders have
time to get really good at high“built their metabolisms” (over
bar back squatting. Even in a
time) to a point where indeed,
cast, you will have no problem
they can and do eat 10,000 calpositioning the squat bar high
ories a day – and not get fat. If
on the traps, setting it up and
you remember, the golden boy
then squatting. Squat specialswimmer of the last Olympic
ization is highly recommended
Games, Michael Phelps, roufor someone like yourself. Take
tinely ate 12,000 calories a day
this time to get really, really
and he was ripped to shreds.
good at squatting; you will nevNow Michael Phelps, or an elite
er regret it. Lying leg curls, leg
Parrillo bodybuilder, will not
extensions, calf raises, seated
just wake up one day and start
and standing, present no probfiring down 10-12,000 calories;
lem for you and are a must. The
they build up to consuming this
biggest problem will be loading
huge caloric volume over time.
your weight training!
and unloading the plates. In adThe key is attaining and maincore and your base. Don’t you dare
dition to hi-bar squatting, try some
taining a blast-furnace metabolism.
let a little thing like a broken arm
machine hack squats and leg pressJohn coined a phrase, “building the
derail your weight training!
es. Back work is problematic but not
metabolism” which refers to a longimpossible: with the good hand do
term process of ‘teaching’ the body
Mr. Steele,
one arm seated cable rows, one arm
how to handle an ever-increasing
I find many of your contentions
pull-downs and one-arm dumbbell
number of calories. A man might
are both ridiculous and dangerrows. Use the various back resisstart off with a basic Parrillo 3,000
ous. For example, ‘A man can eat
tance training machines, the Hamcalorie per day diet, and over time,
10,000 calories a day and not get
mer Strength and all the rest, to permonths or years, build up to a point
fat.’ Anyone with an IQ above 100
form one-arm pull-downs and rows
where the bodybuilder has a blazpoints would see that this is plainly ing fast metabolism that needs fuel
using the good arm. Ditto arms:
impossible. Imagine if teens, so
lots of one-arm seated dumbbell
continually. Eating 6,000 calories
easily impressionable and so eascurls and machine curls, try oneper day, 1,000 per meal, is nothily led astray, followed your caarm cable pushdowns for triceps,
ing special or out of the ordinary
loric piggery advice – they could
also try single dumbbell overhead
for a pro. The pro bodybuilder eterdistend their abdominal muscles
tricep press. Try single dumbbell
nally cycles between shredding for
Performance Press / September 2013
competitions and building lean
The key to making an abbrevimass in the off-season. In order
ated training program work is
to train harder and heavier, the
perfect, spot-on eating! If you
bodybuilder eats more. Big eateat donuts and pastries there is
ing ‘supports’ the savage effort
no hope. On the other hand if
displayed in the weight room.
you get it together and on your
Parrillo also recommends lots of
day off grill some chicken, prep
high intensity aerobic exercise.
some vegetables, cook rice, bake
An athlete needs to eat a ton of
potatoes, obtain cans of tuna and
calories to cope with all this athprepare some Tupperware meals
letic activity. Does everyone on
to take to work, then you could
the Parrillo program eat 10,000 Plan ahead and you can have delicious shed that extra 20 pounds of fat
per day? Hardly, a very small meals ready to eat throughout the day! in 30-45 days. Supplement meals
percentage – but we have lots
can be a lifesaver for individumore than enough for an athletic
and lots of bodybuilders eating
als that go on emergency calls.
5,000 per day during a mass-buildParrillo bars, Parrillo muffins and
way around the gym, so here is how
ing phase and then get ripped, nevParrillo cakes allow you to obtain
no-noner dipping below 2,500. You should
quality nutrition anywhere, anysense
get your facts straight before you
time. Keep a canister of Parrillo
but seriously pressed for time…
go off half-cocked.
Optimized Whey™ or Hi-Protein™
in your office desk drawer; Parrillo
• Monday: legs and shoulders
Vic Steele – co/PPP
bars can be stashed in gym bags,
Hello there – big fan of the no nonglove compartments, backpacks or
masense advice – I have a question
jacket pocket. Check out the stats
chine press, laterals
about training. I don’t have much
on one possible Parrillo supplement
time as of late. I am a police offimeal (see chart below)…
cer that works a lot of weird hours
• Wednesday: chest and triceps
(I am a burglary detective workA Parrillo shake and a Protein Bar™
Bench press, incline dumbbell, pec
ing nights) and I don’t have time
can provide you a 400 calorie meal
dec – tricep extensions: three sets
to hit the gym more than say three
with 53 grams of protein and no fat
times a week. I understand that
or sugar to speak of. See if you can
the Parrillo system favors a lot of Cardio: 40 minutes
get a grip on the nutritional part
lifting and a lot of cardio – I don’t
of the strength and muscle puzzle.
have that luxury – is there hope for
Do so and the rest of it will fall
Power clean, pull-downs, seated into place. Assemble your Parrillo
me? I am a 500 pound deadlift/300
row – curls: three sets of three
pound bench press level guy that is
supplements a month ahead of time
about 20 pounds overweight. I am
and that way never run out.
fit, strong and fat.
Paul, St. Charles
Whey shake Protein Bar™
It all depends on your nutrition. If
you are able to maintain a solid,
multiple-meal eating plan and adCarbohydrate
here to all the Parrillo precepts and
Fat (CapTri )
procedures, three cardio sessions
and three lifting sessions will be
September 2013 / Performance Press
Performance Press / September 2013
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