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Pantry Basics
Cold Cereals
Choose brands with 6+ grams fiber per serving
 Fiber One
 All Bran Buds, 51% fiber
 Kashi cereals, Good Friends, Heart to Heart,
Go Lean, Autumn wheat, Island vanilla
 Bran flakes
 Shredded wheat with bran
Mayonnaise and Salad Dressings
 Light mayonnaise
 Olive oil mayonnaise
 Paul Newman’s Lighten Up salad dressing,
any variety
 Girard’s Light, lite Caesar and Champagne
Follow Your Heart low fat dressings
 Flavored vinegars, balsamic or champagne
Hot Cereals
 Oatmeal, plain
 Oat Bran
 McCann’s Quick-Cooking steel-cut oats
 McCann’s Microwaveable steel-cut oats
 Kashi Heart to Heart
Margarines and Oils
Choose brands that have no trans fat
 Brummel & Brown
 Earth Balance
 Promise Light
 Smart Balance Omega or Light, soft tubstyle margarine
 I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Light
 Extra virgin olive oil
 Pam organic olive oil or canola oil cooking
Choose bread products with 3+ grams of fiber
per serving
 Rye
 100% whole grain
 Whole wheat sourdough
 Whole wheat, high fiber English muffins
 Corn tortillas
 La Tortilla Factory 12 gram fiber tortillas
 Whole wheat pita bread
 Orowheat Double Fiber Bread and English
Nuts and Nut Butters
 Unsalted nuts, almonds, peanuts, walnuts,
pecans, pistachios
 Emerald 100 calorie nut packs
 Seeds, pumpkin, sesame
 Natural peanut butter
 Natural soy, almond or sunflower seed
 Barilla Plus, high protein pastas
 Whole wheat pasta
Other Grains
 Brown rice
 Whole grain couscous
 Near East lentil pilaf
 Quick-cooking brown rice
 Pearl barley
 Farro
 Quinoa
Dairy: Choose organic when possible
 Nonfat or 1% milk
 Nonfat light yogurt, sugar less than 22 gr.
total carb
 Nonfat or low fat cottage cheese
 Nonfat Greek yogurt, less than 20 gr. Total
carb per serving
 Alpine Lace, provolone, mozzarella or
parmesan, feta, low fat cheese with less
than 6 g. fat per ounce
 Laughing Cow reduced fat cheese
 Light string cheese
 Reduced fat Mini Bon Bel cheese
 Land O’ Lakes fat-free half and half
Crackers and Snacks
 Reduced Fat Triscuits
 Ak-Mak crackers
 Rye Krisp
 Kashi TLC crackers
 Kavli
 Wasa Crispbread
 Reduced Fat Wheat Thins
 Geni-soy Crisp
For Internal Use Only – Not For Distribution To The Public
Fat-free graham crackers
Orville Reddenbacher or Pop Secret mini,
lite popcorn bags
Tostitos Baked tortilla chips
Dairy Alternatives
 Yves Good Slice or Daiya soy cheese
 White Wave, Silk, EdenSoy, Westbrae or
8th Continent organic soy milk
 Almond milk, (low protein)
Choose fat-free, low sodium versions
 Progresso 50% Less Sodium, 98% Fat-Free
 Campbell’s Healthy Request
 Amy’s Reduced Sodium soups, any variety
 Bean Cuisine soup
 Swanson Natural Goodness Chicken, Beef
or Vegetable Broth, reduced sodium
 Healthy Valley Soups, any variety
 Fat-free, organic, reduced sodium broth,
vegetable or chicken
 Canned beans, garbanzo, kidney, black,
 Canned or foil-packed wild salmon
 Canned or foil-packed light (less mercury
than the white) tuna
Fruits and Vegetables
 Boxed diced tomatoes
 Sundried tomatoes, not in oil
 Marinara or tomato-based pasta sauce
Frozen Foods
 Boca, Morningstar Farms soy-based veggie
 Frozen unsweetened fruit, any variety
 Frozen vegetables without sauce, any
 Steam Fresh vegetable packs
 Frozen edamame beans
 Frozen shrimp and other seafood
Frozen Entrées
Choose ones with less than 10 g. total fat and
less than 4 g. saturated fat
 Healthy Choice
 Lean Cuisine, clean eating
 Weight Watchers
 Amy’s Organic
 Gardein
Condiments and Seasonings
 Kosher or sea salt
 Ground black pepper
 Honey
 Pure maple syrup
 Dijon mustard
 Chopped garlic
 Chopped ginger
 Dried herbs and spices, oregano, basil,
thyme, nutmeg, cinnamon, etc.
Limit amounts for weight management
 Fat-free pudding cups
 Dreyer’s Light Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt
 Healthy Choice Low-Fat Fudge Bar
 Haagen-Dazs frozen yogurt or sorbet bars
 Skinny Cow fudge bars
Trader Joe’s Healthy Choices: While CHLI does
not endorse this particular market over others,
many shop here and the items below are
healthy, good buys.
 Milton’s whole grain
 Trader Joe’s whole grain Naan
 Wild-caught peeled and deveined large
 Turkey meatballs
 Organic precooked brown rice
 Rice Medley, red and black rice with barley
 Trader Joe’s sweet potato fries to bake
 Organic fruits for smoothies
Other Grains
 Trader Joe’s 10-minute Farro, Quinoa,
 Far East whole grain Israeli Couscous
 Hormone-free, antibiotic-free chicken breast,
ground turkey
 Grass fed lean ground beef
Crackers and Snacks
 Seaweed snacks
 Ack Mak cracker bread
 Dried fruits such as apples, apricots, plums
Dry Goods
 Organic, reduced sodium chicken broth
 Whole grain, high fiber pasta
 Sardines
 Wild caught canned salmon
Cold Cereals
 Kashi Go Lean, Autumn wheat, Island
Vanilla, Heart to Heart
 Trader Joe’s organic, old fashion Oatmeal
Nuts and Nut Butters
 Individual packaged nuts and trail mix
 Organic, natural Peanut butter, Almond
butter, Sunflower nut butter
Dairy - Buy organic when possible
 Non-fat milk
 Organic vanilla soy milk
 Organic non-fat Greek Yogurt,
blueberry, vanilla
 Earth Balance margarine
 Low fat feta cheese
 Parmesan cheese
 Lite Harvarti
 Provolone slices
 Whole wheat pizza dough
 Nitrate-free turkey beast
For Internal Use Only – Not For Distribution To The Public