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Name: ____________________________
Compound Minerals
o The most _____________________ class of minerals
o Make up ______% of all known minerals and ______% of earth’s crust
o Called “silicates” because…
o _______________________ is the second most common mineral in earth’s
o Feldspar is the ________________ common mineral in the crust.
o List 4 other silicates:
o Composed of _____________________ and another element, usually a
o Important ___________________________ because they are a source of
o List 4 significant oxides:
o Name one use for each mineral below using the table on page 379.
 Magnetite –
 Pyrite –
 Anhydrite –
 Calcite –
 Copper –
 Halite –
 Sylvite –
o Composed of one or more __________________ and
o Contain metals that are ______________________________ important
o Many are ____________________ (meaning you cannot see through them)
o Have characteristic ____________________ and often colored
o What kind of ore are each of the following sulfides? (in other words…
Which metal can be extracted from each?)
 Galena –
 Chalcocite –
 Cinnabar –
 Realgar –
 Stibnite –
o Contain a ___________________ ion and the ______________________________
o When hydrochloric _____________ is applied to a carbonate mineral,
_________________ plus __________________________________ is always
produced. This is seen as ______________________ of gas.
o This procedure is called an _________________________________, and is
used to identify carbonates.
o A common carbonate is ________________________, which is found in
Artificial Gems
o What term is used to describe gemstones that are not genuine (real)?
o The two common imitations are either made of
 1. ___________________________________________________________ or
 2. ___________________________________________________________
o Substitute gems may look beautiful, but they lack the
____________________ and ________________________ of true gems due to
their different ___________________ ________________________ and
_______________________ make-up.
o Diamonds are made of the main element (carbon) that is found in
___________ and in sugar.
o In order to make a synthetic diamond, temperatures higher than
__________________ and pressures of ____________________________________
were needed.
o Artificial diamonds are now made that are comparable with genuine
stones in both ______________________ and ______________________.
o ____________________ were the first synthetic stones produced by
melting ingredients and letting them cool into crystals.
o Synthetic emeralds take ____________________ to form.
o Artificial gemstones are much less _________________________
o We can imitate God’s handiwork, but His are always more