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Ecology Vocabulary
Ecosystem – all the living organisms in an area; as well as the nonliving parts of
their environment.
Ecology – study of the interactions that take place among organisms and their
Biosphere – the part of Earth that supports life, including the top portion of the
Earth’s crust, the atmosphere, and all the water on Earth.
Abiotic Factor – the nonliving parts of an ecosystem.
* including soil, temperature, water, and sunlight.
Biotic Factor – the living parts of an ecosystem.
Population – a group of the same type of organisms living in the same place at
the same time.
Community – all the populations that live in an ecosystem.
Limiting Factors – anything that can restrict the size of a population.
* including living and nonliving features of an ecosystem such as
predators or a drought.
Niche – the role of an organism in its ecosystem
*refers to the unique ways an organism survives, obtains food and
shelter, and avoids danger.
Habitat – place where an organism lives; provides the food, shelter, moisture,
temperature, and other factors required for the organism’s survival.