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Johannes Brahms Chapter 7: The Tramp of Giants
Page 1
1) How many years did it take for Brahms to complete his first symphony?
2) In 1875 Brahms conducts a major work by Johann Sebastian Bach. What was
the name of this musical selection?
3) What key was the Brahms Symphony No. 1 written in?
4) The conductor Hans von Bulow refers to the first symphony by Johannes
Brahms as the tenth. To what is he referring?
5) Why did von Bulow leave the camp of Franz Liszt and become a supporter of
Johannes Brahms?
6) Dr. Greenberg states that the year 1876 was a very good year for European
music. In addition to the first symphony by Brahms, what other major work is
first performed by the composer Richard Wagner?
7) How many hours did it take to perform the entire Ring cycle by Wagner?
8) How long did it take for Brahms to write his second symphony?
9) What key is the second symphony written in?
10)What is the Opus number of the second symphony?
11) In what year was the second symphony first performed>
12)Please comment on Johannes Brahms and his like or dislike for the
compositions of Antonin Dvorak and his music.
13)Was Brahms a fan of Richard Wagner? (yes or no)
14) When Brahms went to Italy for the first time, which four cities did he visit?
15) In what year was the Violin Concerto first performed?
16) Which violinist did Brahms have in mind when he composed the Violin
17)In which year was the Academic Festival Overture first performed?
18) What key was the Piano Concerto No. written in?
19) Please state the opus number of the second piano concerto.
20) With regards to the various movements in the second piano concerto, what
makes this concerto so unusual?