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Johannes Brahms
b. 1833 Hamburg, Germany
d. 1897 Vienna, Austria
The quintessential Romantic composer
• Quintessential:
• Representing the most perfect or typical
example of a quality or class: He was the
quintessential tough guy—strong, silent, and
- His music is deep, reflective, melancholy
- Brahms picks up where Beethoven left
- Brahms sums up all Classical and
Romantic music, brings it to an end
- Because he destroyed much of
his own music, we have only a
quarter of the music he wrote.
- Brahms understood that he was the
last of a great tradition.
- His First Symphony took eleven years
to write.
Brahms wrote music for the full
orchestra, piano, small groups, and
lieder (songs).
Brahms listening test:
1. Symphony Number One
- intense beginning with steady beats in
2. Hungarian Dance
- Gypsy music
3. Violin Concerto
clue: music played by violin, same music
played by orchestra
4. Lullaby