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PH 331
Composer Biography
Johannes Brahms
Brahms was born in Germany in 1833 and was a composer and pianist. He
composed for symphonies, chambers, piano, organ, and voice. Brahms was considered a
perfectionist, therefore he destroyed much of his work and a lot of was never published.
Brahms had two siblings, a sister and a brother. His brother was also a pianist. He
grew up in Hamburg, Germany, but spent most of his life in Austria. I am partial to
Brahms, as I have played one of his Clarinet Sonatas. He also composed many piano
solos and string quartets. His music is quite traditional in the Classical era, although it has
a highly romantic nature. The music is very meticulous and thoughtful.
Later in life, Brahms was diagnosed with jaundice, and later, liver cancer. He died
in 1897, age 63 due to his illness, and was buried in Vienna.
Brahms Sonata No. 1 in F minor for clarinet and piano, Op. 120
I play clarinet, and had to prepare the first and third movement of this piece for a jury.
That is why I chose this piece. I think it is very melodic and fun to play.
Brahms String Quartet Op. 51 in C minor
I chose to share this piece because I really enjoy string quartets. This piece is very intense
and dark, but also very beautiful.
Brahms Lullaby
This is a very famous tune, normally heard as someone singing a child to sleep. I think
it’s interesting that most people will recognize this tune, but have no idea where it comes
from. It is very calming, hence, the lullaby.