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Mining Multimedia Databases
A multimedia database systems stores and manages a large collections of multimedia
objects, such as audio data, image data, video data, sequence data, and hyper text data,
text markups and linkages.
Similarity search
Find pairs of branches with similar sales patterns
find medical cases similar to Smith's
Find pairs of sensor series that move in sync
Several approaches have been proposed and studied for similarity-based retrieval in
image data bases, based on the following signature
 Color histogram based signature
 Multifeature composed signature
 Wavelet based signature
 Wavelet-based signature with region-based granularity
Mining associations in Multimedia Data
Associations between image content and non image content feature
Associations among image contents that are not related to spatial relationships
Associations among image contents related to spatial relation ships
Rule discovery
Clusters (of patients; of customers; ...)
Forecasting (total sales for next year?)
Outliers (eg., fraud detection)
Knowledge Discovery in Multimedia Databases
Find patterns in primarily unstructured data
Machine learning where a case library replaces the training set
Information Modes
Data segmentation
 Multimedia data are divided into logical interconnected
 segments (objects)
 Pattern extraction
 Mining and analysis procedures should reveal some
 relations between objects on the different level
 Knowledge representation
 Incorporated linked patterns
 Information model – dynamic structure