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Practice Test/Study Guide
Name ________________
Circle the letter of the correct answer.
1. He was the god of the heavens, lightning, law, and mortality
a. Zeus
b. Cronus
c. Theseus
d. Olympus
2. He was the god of the sea and earthquakes.
a. Zeus
b. Hades
c. Ares
d. Poseidon
3. He was the god of the underworld.
a. Ares
b. Hehpaestus
c. Hades
d. Hermes
4. She was the goddess of marriage and childbirth, married to Zeus.
a. Hestia
b. Athena
c. Aphrodite
d. Hera
5. She was the goddess of the home and hearth.
a. Demeter
b. Artemis
c. Hestia
d. Hera
6. She was the goddess of the harvest, goddess agriculture
a. Artemis
b. Athena
c. Demeter
d. Aphrodite
7. He was the god of war.
a. Ares
b. Hephaestus
c. Dionysus
d. Poseidon
8. She was the goddess of wisdom, war, arts, and crafts. She was also goddess
of the most important city in Greece.
a. Athena
b. Hera
c. Artemis
d. Demeter
9. She was the goddess of love and beauty.
a. Athena
b. Aphrodite
c. Artemis
d. Hestia
10. He was the god of the forge (fire).
a. Hades
b. Apollo
c. Hermes
d. Hephaestus
11. He was the god of light (sun), truth, healing, music, and archery.
a. Apollo
b. Ares
c. Hermes
d. Dionysus
12. She was the goddess of the moon, the hunt (wild things), and children.
a. Ares
b. Hera
c. Artemis
d. Demeter
13. He was the god of motion, sleep and dreams, travelers, and thieves. He was
the messenger for the gods.
a. Eros
b. Hermes
c. Zeus
d. Apollo
14. She caused the seasons to change because of her love for her daughter.
a. Demeter
b. Hera
c. Persephone
d. Arachne
15. He was the god of the vine (wine).
a. Dionysus
b. Hermes
c. Ares
d. Apollo
16. The gods granted him the "gift" of turning everything he touched to gold.
a. Theseus
b. Perseus
c. Heracles
d. Midas
17. He killed the Minotaur in the labyrinth on the island of Crete.
a. Theseus
b. Jason
c. Perseus
d. Heracles
18. He went on the quest for the "golden Fleece."
a. Theseus
b. Jason
c. Perseus
d. Heracles
19. According to the Greek creation story what was the first thing to exist?
a. Light
b. Love
c. Chaos
d. Gaea-Mother Earth
20. Who gave man the gift of fire?
a. Zeus
b. Gaea
c. Cronus
d. Prometheus
21. Who unleashed all the diseases and evils on the earth?
a. Arachne
b. Echo
c. Pandora
d. Narcissus
22. What was the generation of gods that Cronus and Rhea belonged to called?
a. Olympians
b. Titans
c. Athenians
d. Trojans
23. What explained things the ancient Greek people could not understand?
a. myths about gods and goddesses
b. science
c. kings and queens
d. mothers and fathers
24. The Greek gods lived
a. on Mt. Olympus
b. on Mt. Vesuvius
c. in Hades
d. at the bottom of the sea
25. Who were brother and sister?
a. Medusa and the Gorgon
b. Theseus and Perseus
c. Demeter and Persephone
d. Apollo and Artemis
26. Greek mythology gave us answers to such things as which of the following?
a. objects in nature (animals, flowers, etc.)
b. the seasons
c. the constellations
d. words now in our vocabulary
e. all of the above
27. Which of the following was NOT true?
a. Usually an oracle's prophecies came true.
b. Although he was married to Hera, Zeus often had affairs with other women.
c. Hera was not a jealous woman
d. The gods were basically immortal, but they did have children with mortals who
often became heroes.
Make sure you know who these gods were and/or the basic stories that we have read:
The first gods and goddesses
Zeus and his family
Hera, Io, and Argus
Athena and Arachne
Apollo and Artemis
Hermes and Apollo
Hades, the Underworld, and
Persephone and Demeter
The final test is made up of fill in the
blank with a word bank In addition to a
matching section.
Echo and Narcissus
Prometheus & Epimetheus & Pandora
Tantalus and Pelops, Sisyphus
Danaus, Perseus, and the Gorgon
King Midas
Theseus, Daedelus, and Icarus
Jason and the Quest for the Golden