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The Rules of the
How To Play Witzzle Pro
Roll the dice to determine
the target number in play.
The sum of the two numbers
rolled will determine the
target number.
• Choose a 3-digit
combination from any
horizontal, vertical, or
diagonal line on the array.
• Use each number in the line
• Use any combination of the
four basic operations.
• Create an equation using
the 3-digit combination.
• Follow order-of-operations
rules. First solve the problem
inside the parentheses; then
multiply or divide from left to
right; and then add or
subtract from left to right.
• Example: Using row 3 of
game card
If target is 22,
then 4+9 x 2 = 22 -Multiply first!
If target is 26,
then 2 x (9 + 4) = 26 -Parentheses first!
If the target number is 24, there are
several correct solutions:
• 24 = 6 • ( 5 – 1)
• 8 x ( 9 – 6 ) = 24
• ( 7 + 5 ) * 2 = 24
A dot (•) or an (X) may
be used for multiplication.
A division line (/) or sign (÷) may
be used.
Correct Solutions:
• Are legible.
• Are equations. (have an = sign)
• Include the target number.
• Use parentheses. ( )
• Must be formed from 3 digits in a
straight line.
How points are awarded
• The first player to write the
correct solution and to hold it up
wins a point.
• The player will quickly share the
solution with the other players. If
the solution is correct, the player
earns a point.
• Then set up the next play – new
card and new target number.
End of the Round
• When the bell rings, the
round is over and play STOPS.
• The two students with the most
points during that round advance
to the next table.
• Players must wait until the bell
rings to begin a new round.
NO marks may be made on the
paper before the card is turned!