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Biology, Environmental
Science and ESE Teacher
Welcome students!
When you
Enter this
Little room
Consider yourself
One of the special
Members of a group who
Enjoy working and learning.
I want to welcome you and your family to a new
school year (2020-2021) at Coral Gables
Preparatory Academy. I look forward to an
exciting new year of teaching, learning and
achieving. I am thrilled to have your child in my
As your child’s teacher, I want to emphasize the
importance of your participation in your child’s
academic activities. To ensure your child’s
success, I want to outline certain behavioral and
academic rules that must be followed in order to
have a successful school year.
My Goals
My Goals
Work collaboratively with students and parents in an atmosphere of trust
and organization in order to develop productive and responsible
citizens that aim high and achieve academic success.
Materials List
Copy paper ream
Pencil and pen
Color pencils
Morning Entry Procedures
• As students enter the classroom, they
place their homework on their desk.
• Write homework on agendas.
When bell rings.......
1. Be seated and ready to work.
2. Instruction
3.Takes notes as necessary
4. After instruction, independent work or group
work depending on the task at hand.
5.All class work is collected before dismissal.
Class Rules*
Raise your hand to speak and leave your seat.
In your seat before the bell rings and during instruction.
Give and receive respect.
Have all your supplies everyday.
Turn in your assignments and stay on task.
No use of electronic devices
* For additional rules refer to class syllabus
Consequences for failing to adhere
to class rules
May include:
• Verbal warning
• Call home
• Detentions
* If necessary, referral to see an administrator
For additional consequences refer to Parent handbook
Missing a School Day Procedure
Bring excuse note to the office (3 days to be
• All make-up work must be returned the
following day. (if excused absence)
• Ask Study Buddy to help you understand work
you do not understand.
Reschedule with the teacher any tests or
quizzes you may have missed the following day.
If work is not turned in a promptly manner, it
will result in a zero.
Academic Dishonesty
Students are expected to be ethical in their work.
If a student is caught plagiarizing, the student
must re-do the work and will receive a zero for that
Let’s Have a Great Year!
Z. Arguelles