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Unit 2, Section 1 Test - Study Guide
Please note:
1. Maize was corn and was the main food and most important crop of the
2. Hieroglyphics was a method of recording history, used by the Mayas. It
used a combination of signs and symbols.
3. Two major Mayan cities were Copan and Tikal.
4. A knotted string known as quipu was used by the Incans to record
5. An aqueduct was a method of carrying water from a lake to a dry area. It
was one of the Incans great achievements.
6. Two of the Incans major accomplishments were the use of aqueducts and
building thousands of miles of roads.
7. The west coast of South America is the location of the Incan Empire.
8. Today, the Valley of Mexico is where the Aztecs built their great
civilization. The city of Tenochtitlan was the center of the Aztec nation.
9. Although the Spanish had fewer soldiers than the Aztecs, they were able to
conquer the Aztec civilization. This was possible because the Spanish had
horses, cannons, and guns. More importantly, the Native Americans did not
have immunity to the diseases, which the Spanish brought with them.
10. New Spain and Peru were Spain’s two most important colonies in the
11. Because of the Treaty of Tordesillas Brazil became a colony of Portugal.
12. Maize, chocolate and potatoes are only some of the Latin America goods
which made their way Europe during this time period.
Important writing skills needed when completing an essay include:
-Use a good opening line/statement, which usually includes part of the
question (For example - Why did the search for a trade route to the Far East
bring about exploration of the New World? You could write - The search for a
trade route to the Far East is directly related to exploration of the New World.
Let the reader, in this case, Mr. Shearer know what you plan on explaining.)
-Write a minimum of 3 sentences which clearly explain your thought and
complete one thought. Do not use long sentences which overuse words/phrases
similar to “and then…” or “because” or “and.”
-Sum up the essay with a good concluding sentence which confirms or sums up
your thought/answer.