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Abraham Lincoln
1. Abraham Lincoln was
elected President
2. When hostilities began
between the North and
3. The Civil War lasted 4
4. Midway through the war
5. Union victory insured
6. In 1809, in Kentucky
A. Lincoln issued the
B. Lincoln was born dirt poor
in a log cabin
C. 600,000 Americans died
D. 7 slave states left the
E. State sovereignty was not
more important than
federal authority
F. 4 more slave states joined
the Confederacy
7. Lincoln was largely
8. He taught himself
9. While Lincoln served in
the House of Reps
10. In the 1860 campaign
for President
11. Lincoln raised an army
and Navy of nearly
12. The South raised an
army of
G. Self educated
H. Expressed his
opposition to slavery
and its expansion into
the new territories
I. 2 million men
J. Law
K. 3 million men
L. Opposed the war with
13. Lincoln used his executive
power to
14. The Emancipation
Proclamation did not free
all the slaves in the Union
15. Lincoln also urged black
males to
16. Lincoln is measured by his
most lasting
17. Less than a week after the
M. To join the Union forces
N. Only slaves in the
O. Preservation of the Union,
vindication of democracy
and the death of slavery
P. Preserve the Union
Q. Lincoln was assassinated
Robert E. Lee
Robert E Lee was born
His family members include
At 18 years old
Robert E. Lee is one of only
6 cadets
He graduated with perfect
scores in
He married Mary Custis
Artillery, infantry, and cavalry
Who graduated without a
single demerit
C. The great-granddaughter of
George Washington
D. January 19, 1807 in Stratford
Hall, VA
E. Enrolled at the US Military
Academy at West Point
F. Former President, a chief
justice and signers of the
Declaration of Independence
When the US went to war
with Mexico
8. When Lee got out of the
9. The family property had
10. Lee’s break came when
11. President Lincoln asked Lee
to be
12. Lee volunteered his military
services to
G. Lee distinguished himself as
a brave battle commander
and brilliant tactician
H. Lee struggled with tasks in
everyday life
I. He tried to make the family
farm profitable
J. To Jefferson Davis and the
Confederate Army
K. Commander of the US Army
L. He put down a slave
rebellion at Harper’s Ferry
13. The Battle of Antietam
14. The 3-day stand-off
known as the Battle of
15. Lee surrendered to
16. Lee was not convicted of
being a traitor
17. 1970
M. Lincoln and Grant
forgave Lee
N. Nearly destroyed his
O. Lee’s US citizenship was
restored by President
Gerald Ford
P. 14,000 of his men were
captured, killed, or
Q. In a private home in
Appomattox, VA
Ulysses S Grant
1. As a President, Grant is
dismissed as
2. He was quiet and softspoken general
3. He was a great
supporter of the
transcontinental railroad
4. He made efforts as
5. Grant was born in Ohio
6. Grant was a small, quiet,
sensitive child
A. Oversaw its completion
from CA to NE
B. Weak and ineffective
C. The first of 6 children
D. Well-known for his
talent for horses
E. But inspired great
bravery from his soldier
F. In areas of AfricanAmerican rights, native
American policy and civil
service reform
Grant attended the US
Military Academy at West
8. Grant fought in the Mexican
9. Grant also attempted a
variety of other odd jobs
10. In the last years of the Civil
11. He ended the Civil War by
12. Ulysses S Grant became our
G. Excelled in mathematics,
writing, drawing, and
H. 18th President
I. Was cited twice for bravery
J. Forcing the surrender of
Petersburg, VA in 1865
K. Farming, insurance sales, and
leather goods
L. He was praised and criticized
for his willingness to sustain
high casualties
13. When Grant appointed
his cabinet
14. Grant desired to pass
the 15th Amendment
15. He sent in the military to
16. After Grant’s Presidency
17. In his final days
M. Were spent writing his
life’s epic tale
N. To protect AfricanAmericans from newly
formed terrorist groups
O. Granted citizens voting
rights regardless of race
P. He had financial
difficulties and was
dying of throat cancer
Q. He chose people he
thought he could trust
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