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SCIENCE VOCABULARY for Weeks of Aug. 29 & Sept. 5
1. Active Volcano: A volcano that is erupting or has erupted
within historical time and is considered likely to do so in the
future (Grades 2-6)
2. Ash: Fine particles of rock dust blown from an explosion vent
(Grades 2-6)
3. Vent: A vent is an opening at the Earth's surface of a volcanic
conduit (Grades 2-6)
4. Crater: A steep-sided, usually circular depression formed by
either explosion or collapse at a volcanic vent (Grades 2-6)
5. Dormant Volcano: A volcano which is presently inactive, but
which may erupt again (Grades 2-6)
6. Eruption: The process by which solid, liquid, and gaseous
materials are ejected into the earth's atmosphere and onto the
earth's surface by volcanic activity; hot rocks and lava burst
from a volcano (Grades 2-6)
7. Fault: A crack or fracture in the earth's surface (Grades 2-6)
8. Mantle: The zone of the earth below the crust and above the
core (Grades 2-6)
9. Ring of Fire: The regions of mountain-building earthquakes and
volcanoes which surround the Pacific Ocean (Grades 2-6)
10. Volcano: A vent in the surface of the Earth through which
magma and associated gases and ash erupt; also, the form or
structure, usually conical (cone-shaped), that is produced by
the ejected material such as lava and hot rocks (Grades 2-6)
11.Vulcan: Roman god of fire and the forge, after whom
volcanoes are named (Grades 5-6)
12. Ashfall: Volcanic ash that has fallen through the air from an
eruption cloud (Grades 5-6)
13.Conduit: A passage (pipe) followed by magma in a volcano
(Grades 5-6)
14.Fissures: Elongated fractures or cracks on the slopes of a
volcano (Grades 5-6)