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1. Explain the difference between “character” and “intellect” with regard to morality as discussed in
Robert Coles’ article, "The Disparity between Intellect and Character."
According to Robert Cole article, The Disparity between Intellect and Character, intelligence and
character are two distinct things. An intellect is a person who is knowledgeable and he or she can
comprehend things well. They understand what a situation entails and the necessary requirements
to handle the situation appropriately. Character is the definition of a person based on his behavior
and way of life. For instance according to Coles book, some people know and understand ethics
well, they are intellects but they do not practice it thus they do not have an ethical character.
2. Use your understanding of character and intellect to discuss the similarities and differences
between Huckleberry Finn and Hennetjie; and between Himmler and Brille.
Huckleberry is a character who takes things at face value. He is knowledgeable but he acts
according to his reasoning. He does not bother about the view of other members of the society.
Hennetjie was a man with a good character because when other warders allowed the prisoners to
break the rules of the prison, he stood for what is right. He made the prisoners to act appropriately
and he would not tolerate any deviance form the set code of conduct for the prisoners. However,
Hennetjie compromises his good character. He agrees to the prisoners demands for a mutual
relationship where he grants them favors and they help him to steal fertilizers.
Himmler was Hitler’s supporter and the head of the Nazi military. He had been appointed by Hitler.
Hitler was an intellect who surrounded himself with people he could use to achieve his objectives of
segregating the Aryan race from other races. Himmler carried out Hitler’s wishes. Brille was the lead
prisoner for the prisoners of span. He used hennetjies weakness for the gangs gain. he struck a
bargain with the warder when he caught him in wrong doing. Both Himmler andf brille acted
unethically for personal gain.
3. Explain the emotional and situational contexts that affected the moral decision-making of the
people mention in question two.
Huckleberry acts the way he does because he reasons on his own. He does not view the logic in
other people’s views. This is influenced by the fact that he has lived on his own and he is used to
make his decisions alone. Hennetjie is influenced by his knowledge of what is right and wrong. But
when he is caught in the wrong doing he strike a deal with the prisoners so to protect himself. Brille
acts unethically when he finds leverage against Hennetjie. He manipulates Hennetjie by promising
that he will not inform on him if he grants him and his gang of prisoners favors. Himmler on the other
hand needed to maintain his position of favor given to him by Hitler. He acted to pleas Hitler.
Part II:
1. Explain the role community plays in moral decision-making by examining the readings mentioned
above. Hints: Nazi Party, Southern Sanction of Slavery, Political Prisoners, and Modern American
neighborhoods etc.
The Nazis of Germany perpetrated many immoral acts. They include discrimination of non- Aryans, their
expulsion from the society and killing of Jews. The Nazis felt that what they did was morally upright
because they believed that they were fighting for their community. The community during that time
failed to enhance morality. A community defines what is moral and what is immoral. It is the norms and
culture of a particular society that determine what is right in a particular situation. The community also
enforces the acceptable behavior through its social mechanisms such as punishing those who act
immorally. The Nazi community failed because they watched as evil was perpetrated without acting.