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The Zhou Dynasty
 Came to power by: overthrowing the Shang
 Peaceful period: Western Zhou
 Conflicts arose: Kings moved East- Eastern Zhou
 Government:
o Mandate of Heaven: Gods would support a just ruler and not allow
anyone corrupt to hold power
o Feudalism: a system of relationships
 Dynastic Cycle: the rise and fall of dynasties in China
o If dynasty lost power it obviously had become corrupt
Owns all Land
Supreme power
Receives crops from Lords
Lords (Loyal Supporters)
Rules lands and serfs
Provides protection for serfs
Sends army to king
Peasant Farmers (Serfs)
Farm ______land____--keep some food
Give food to Lords for protection
The Dynastic Cycle
Identify & briefly describe each cycle
Strong local ruler defeats others. Adds
Local rulers fight for power- Warring States
Restores peace, chooses local
officials, makes reforms
Rebellions put end to weakened dynasty
Loose control, can’t deal with disasters
The Chinese Philosophies:
1. Confuscionism
2. Daoism
3. Legalism