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Spanish Articles
In Spanish we have two
kinds of articles:
• Indefinite articles (a, an, some)
• Definite articles (the)
All nouns in Spanish are either
masculine or feminine. They have
You should always MEMORIZE the
article that goes with the noun. This
will always tell you whether the noun
is masculine or feminine.
Spanish Definite Articles
How can you tell
if a noun is
masculine or
Nouns that end in “o” are
generally masculine.
el chico
el libro
el nacho
• Nouns that end in “a”,
“cion”, “sion”, or “dad” are
generally feminine.
la pizarra
la educacion
la mision
la posiblidad
There are always exceptions to the rules.
Here are just a few exceptions:
El dia
El programa
La noche
The special exceptions you definitely have to MEMORIZE!!!!
• To make nouns plural, we usually just add
an “s” to the end of the word.
• El chico – los chicos
• La chica – las chicas
• Don’t forget to make the definite article
plural as well as your noun!
•To make nouns plural that
end in a consonant, we add
“es” to the end of the word.
•El papel – los papeles
•El reloj – los relojes
•La pared – las paredes
To make nouns plural
that end in a “z”, we drop
the z and add “ces”
•El lapiz – los lapices
It may be necessary to add or remove
an accent mark when making a plural
el examen becomes los examenes
•La leccion becomes las lecciones